How To Remain Professional When Dealing with Difficult Clients

Big inhale, bigger exhale.  Repeat.  Now pour that fresh cup of coffee (or pour that glass of wine), and let’s chat a little before you do, say or send something that you will regret out of anger or frustration.  Rule of thumb: Never respond to anyone out of anger.  Always give yourself some time to […] Read more…


The Blogger Mother In Search of Rare Pokemon

Be forewarned: I haven’t had any coffee today and I’m starving.  Sorry if this may offend anyone which I’m totally not trying to do.  So the other day I was having a conversation with a friend about work; she complained about her bothersome boss and patronizing coworker and I did the same (Boss = Kids), and […] Read more…

DSC_6522 copy

Sweet Dreams Under A Starry Night with Cloud b

One of my favourite, if not my number one, art pieces of all times is A Starry Night by impressionism visionary, Vincent Van Gogh. There has always been something about the night sky filled with gleaming and twinkling stars that bring a sense of tranquility and peace. Since I was a child, I remember my […] Read more…

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