“Mom, I need a new phone!” 
“Dad, can I finally get my own phone?”
“I’m the only one that doesn’t have an awesome phoooooone!” 
Sound familiar parents?
Whether you’re a parent of a teen that has “hinted” plenty times that they wish for a new smartphone under the tree this year or just in the market for a new phone that won’t break the bank, you must consider the Samsung Galaxy S4™ Mini. 
With its 8MP camera and compact design, beautiful and responsive display, and all the bells and whistles that the mini’s big brother the GALAXY S4 is known for, this would surely make the perfect gift!
I am attached to my Smartphone! It’s like a part of me. Organization, social media, keeping in touch with loved ones, taking pictures (and tons of it!), listening to music, reading, checking emails, everything! 
In this day and age, I feel it’s a necessity to have one (Yes teens, thank me now!).
  • Compact design – The GALAXY S4 mini’s slim design makes it perfect to take with you anywhere, anytime.
  • Premium experience – This device offers the same flagship experience as the GS4, including an 8MP camera, Group Play and Samsung Link.
  • Powerful performance – The S4 mini packs a punch with a 1.7 GHz Dual Core Processor and the Android Jellybean 4.2.2 operating system.
One of my biggest issues with smartphone these days is the grip and how big they are for little hands (like mine). Without my case on it, it would probably be kaput by now.
This is one fantastic thing about the new Samsung Galaxy S4™ Mini. Even though it’s more compact than it’s “big brother”, it doesn’t compromise on it’s features and what it can offer.
Sweet & Petite… with a powerful punch! Much like me.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini available at Telus for $0 on a two-year term or $400 outright.
To learn more about the awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, click here.
And for newbies that are still getting comfortable with their phones and have a ton of questions or worrying parents that are concerned about the online safety of their children (you just never know in this digital age!), I absolutely love Telus’ unique Services: Telus Learning Centre and TELUS WISE®.
Learning Centre sessions are great for tweens/teens or those just starting out with their first smartphone.
Telus’ specialized Learning Specialist can give them a tailored one-on-one tutorial on how to use the phone so they are 100% comfortable using their new device – it’s great for parents too!
They offer one-on-one or group sessions according to what you feel is best or most comfortable for you.
Sessions range from 15 to 45 minutes depending on your learning style and what you would like to learn.
I really wish they offered this when I got my first smartphone. I was so confused! And didn’t utilize all the great features I had after many months of owning it.
TELUS WISE® is a great program for tweens and teens! Recently launched by Telus which is peace of mind for parents that are getting their kids on their first smartphone – it’s all about smartphone and Internet safety and how to teach kids to have a clean digital footprint.
You can learn more about TELUS WISE® here. And psst… this service is a PTPA winner!
Courtesy of the wonderful folks at Telus, one of you will win a new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini!
To enter, simply leave me a comment below telling me who in your family would LOVE this phone and why!
Contest is open to Canadian Residents only.
Ends 12/12.
Good luck!

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155 comments on “12 Days of Giveaways: Day 7 with Telus and the Samsung Galaxy S4™ Mini”

  1. I would love to have this phone — everyone else in my family has a newer one except me ( of course, Mom is always last ! )
    Jan Dempsey

  2. My husband would love this phone because he is still using an old freebie phone he got from telus when he first signed up with them about 6 years ago. I can’t help but giggle when I see him using it…it just looks so old fashioned!

  3. my parents have a oldie goldie cell phone that they can barely work. Its time for an upgrade and stop getting used ones from the children. (rafflecopter marie cat)

  4. My mom is in dire need of a new phone, she has an old one that she can’t load any new apps on because it doesn’t work properly

  5. I would love to win this! My current phone has sticky keys – so sometimes I don’t get any t’s, e’s, r’s, a’s, s’s or d’s and sometimes I get three – and the slot for the memory card is toast so I’m almost out of storage space.

  6. I would love to win this! I tried the S3 but like you, it was too big for my wee hands. Made my hands cramp. Android phones are so user friendly. This looks great.

  7. I would love to gift this to my local rescue centre. The phone they use is an old flip phone and they make lots of trips across SW Ontario to ferry dogs to adoptive homes. I wan them to be safe in the winter and know that someone cares.

  8. My son would love it. He has started going out a lot more with his friends and volunteering with the cadets and it is always and it can be hard to get ahold of him, or have him get ahold of us when he needs a ride.

  9. I would love to win this as my phone is about 7 yrs old, my teenagers are emabarresed by it lol I dont even think it can go on the internet, my kids all have nicer phones so I would love to get into the modern world and learn how to use one of these and keep up with them and I have heard great things about this particular phone

  10. My husband. I just got a new phone, but he needs one desperately as well, and we can’t afford a second right now. We both love Android, and Galaxy is our phone of choice!

  11. My mom! She needs a phone and is not very techy so I think she can benefit from Telus’ learning centre session too.
    First time hearing about this and I’ve been with Telus for years!
    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  12. I actually need a new phone.. The Samsung is perfect for the compatibility with the features on my Samsung smart TV. I also have an expiring plan with Telus .. Such a match made in heaven.

  13. I would love this!
    I always have issues with too big smartphones and I have been eyeing this phone for a while now! Mine is ancient and I know this one would be perfect for me! Thanks!

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