It’s almost that time of year again.  I’m not talking about the Christmas holiday (although that’s highly favoured and a favourite time for us here at CAC), I’m referring to the holiday gifts list-making.  That alone requires some time and effort and of course that doesn’t include the time it takes to go out and purchase them.

Instead of stressing over what to buy for whom and all those other trivial concerns this time of year tends to bring, let’s bring back the excitement and joy this holiday season.

I review dozens of products a month and this year alone, I’ve come across some of the best that I believe will make excellent choices for just about anyone on your holiday list this year. Including that hard-to-please in-law, niece that already has almost everything or can never tell what they’re thinking brother.

These products included in the 2015 #CACGiftList have made the cut.  Check them out, be inspired for your holiday buying and take back some time to reflect and enjoy this beautiful and magical season (and perhaps extra funds) to grab yourself a little something this year!  Happy Holidays (Shopping)! 



BE GIFT-SPIRED: Who made THE LIST–> Check them out HERE (updated daily!)