So this is my first official post and I must say, I am super excited to get the ball rolling with all those crazy ideas I have popping in my head constantly and also the wonderful inspirations I come across on a daily basis.

I was once asked to start my own event planning business, which I did (Deja Vu Events) in early 2007, but of course while I was busy getting that up and going, life happened and along came my beautiful first-born daughter, Ava Isabella.
I absolutely love everything that has to do with the logistics behind creating that uber-fabuloso gem of an event. Whether it be a budget of $150,000 to $100, I truly believe that any event can be a masterpiece.

I think the key ingredient for any successful event is creativity.
And the great thing about that is creativity cost… nothing.
If you really put your mind into your work, magic happens.
And I’m sure my “artsy-fartsy” friends out there can agree with that.

Now that I’m a mother, I’ve come to realize more than ever the importance of working with a budget which is what prompted my passion and imaginative flair for putting together anything and everything just from the flip of my “inner Martha Stewart” switch – whether it be organizing a party or making my own accessories and outfits for my family to cooking/baking and whipping up a mean cocktail.
In this blog, I plan to share my tips, ideas and inspirations and assist in bringing out the “party-planner” in you. So, stick around. You may just find what you’re looking!

Cheers and Happy Planning!

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