I still fondly remember my first days of being a new mom.
It was a weave of emotions: contentment, bliss, anxiousness, uncertainty.

After successfully placing our car seat inside our car with our newborn daughter inside, the hospital in the distance as we slowly (very slowly…) drove away, both my husband and I sat in silence and wondering in our heads: That’s it. We’re on our own now. 
We were young, inexperienced and although elated and overjoyed to have our little girl coming home, we didn’t know what to expect.


This is so common for all new moms. I even had a whole new bout of emotions after my 2nd child was born — I even suffered from post-partum blues (see my post here).

I believe it’s just the motherly protectiveness that overpowers and because we just want to make sure they’re OK.

It’s always great to have support and advice from seasoned mothers and even just solace from other mothers that are going through the same thing.

I was happy to learn of Playtex Mommyville.
The Playtex Mommyville Community brings new Canadian moms and moms to be together to share moments, thoughts and tips about caring for your newborn.
When my daughter was born, I relied only on my mom and other family and friends and of course my doctor. There were often times that I needed some reassurance with issues that my mom or friend never experienced with their child.
I wasn’t really as active online so I didn’t utilize the benefits of a supportive online community.
Benefits of being a mom in Generation Z!

I was happy to be chosen to be part of the new Mom Trust Program which is affiliated with Playtex Mommyville. I jumped at the opportunity to participate because I understand and appreciate how valuable a community like Mom Trust is for all new moms alike.
The Mom Trust program is a virtual, North American network of moms (10 from Canada and 10 from the US). The vision for this program is to have influential moms share their stories, tips, insights and unique experiences of motherhood, while also providing reviews on amazing Playtex products.

Did I mention I cannot live without my Playtex Diaper Genie Elite?
Check out what a few of my readers that I gave the opportunity to test the Diaper Genie Elite had to say here.

Still wondering what the advantages are of joining the Mommyville Community?
You will get:

  • special offers
  • create a personalized profile
  • monthly sweepstakes – each month they offer contests and promotions
  • reviews of Playtex products
  • customized newsletter based on age or due date of your child to your inbox
  • articles and Baby FAQ section to find empowering information to help you along the way

To join the Mommyville Community, sign up here.
You can also join them on Facebook at Facebook.com/playtexmommyville .

Navigate the exciting and sometimes challenging world of motherhood with us! Take Care.

Disclosure: I am part of the Mom Trust Program with Playtex and receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

21 Comments on A Supportive Community for New Moms: Playtex Mom Trust

  1. Awww you can feel the love in the photo. Cousin is expecting her first baby, I would definitely be letting her know about this community

    Melinda L.

  2. I also had postpartum depression with my first. I remember how scared I was being on my own for the first time with my new baby! I was young and had no idea! I look forward to reading more about your experience!

  3. I look forward to reading your posts! I am also going to pass information about this community to my friend who is expecting. Thanks!

  4. I wish all these sites and supports would have been around when my children were born. (they are in their 30’s), although I did have a wonderful support team around me.

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