If there’s one thing I can be extremely particular about it’s my desserts.
I LOVE desserts, specifically Parisian Goods. The croissants, tarts, crepes, macarons, everything!
The French really know their stuff when it comes to their cuisine.
If you also love French Pastries and Cuisine as much as I do, you may be familiar with the 30 year old French Chain, Brioche Dorée.

They are usually known for their locations in airports, malls, hospitals and travel plazas across Europe and North America.
They opened their very first Toronto store-front on King Street West a few months ago and I just knew I had to stop by and pay them a visit.
With 35 locations and growing, Brioche Dorée continues to put a fresh spin on quick service cuisine and is proud to deliver delicious homemade soups and salads, sandwiches, and freshly baked breads and pastries to people with a hunger for handmade French fare prepared quickly with their hurried lifestyles in mind.

It’s a really great location! You cannot miss it if you were to be walking, biking or driving by located at King St West and Bathurst St.
I cannot wait for developments and more store-fronts to hit other parts of the Greater Toronto area.
I know for a fact should they open up some near me up in the suburbs, it would be jam-packed every single day. And that doesn’t include me and my little French Food Loving entourage.

Walking into the Café, the first thing that caught my eye was the visible beams with lovely lights dangling off of them.  They kept these original beams when designing this store. I love it!

It’s a really mellow and cozy environment. Everyone just enjoying the company they’re in, engaging in their own quite conversation while enjoying their Brioche Dorée Goods and sipping on a warm beverage. They also offer wifi during specific hours, so it’s also a great place to catch up on some work.

The next thing that instantly caught my eyes were the brightly lit displays of their scrumptious baked goods, salads and sandwiches.

I don’t know about you, but I am now very hungry and yearning for all these mouth-watering goodies!

Before I tried them out, I checked out the entire store to get a feel of how they operate.
It is good to know that everything is freshly made every single day.  And if they have leftovers, they would give them away to those in need. So wonderful!

I watched as the crepes were made. Reminiscent of my strolls along Paris with large open windows with bakers whipping up crepes in every corner, the delicious scent filling the air.
Can you believe they make the entire 18QT bucket of batter every day? That’s a lot of crepes; you don’t need a whole lot to make one.
I would love to have one of these crepe machines in my home!  Their crepe machines were imported from France so these are the real deal.

And making a crepe actually takes patience and skill.
I thought it was easier to make, but after watching, I realized it isn’t so easy!
Here’s my hubby showcasing his amateur crepe-making skills. He actually did very well. The staff was quite impressed and the manager said he got the job!Ha-ha!

After making the crepe, they put together a classic French favourite, Nutella and Banana Crepe for us using the crepe made from my husband.
It looked and tasted incredible! So good, I couldn’t even catch a proper photograph of it before it started getting devoured.

While enjoying the crepe, we had the opportunity to chat a bit with a couple of resident locals that frequent Brioche Dorée. They had nothing but great things to say. So much so that I even teased them and said,“Are you sure they didn’t pay you to sit next to us and spark conversation?”
They made such a valid point regarding the food here in comparison to a more popular chain nearby.

For the over-priced cost of a large coffee elsewhere, you can get a beverage + one (or even two) pastries or croissants at Brioche Dorée. Where’s the better deal?

They have such a large variety of goods, I didn’t know where to start. So of course, I tried and took along with me something from every category in the menu.

I definitely had to try their chocolate croissants, and also grabbed their almond chocolate croissant, a Parisien Artisan Sandwich which included Turkey, Brie and Green Apples on a French Baguette, a Smoked Salmon Quiche and their Crème brûlée.
Their croissants were good, but I personally loved the chocolate almond croissant best. SO good!
The perfect crunch, buttery and with the almond taste was superb.

What’s fantastic is their pricing. For large, freshly made Butter Croissants you are only looking at $1.75! The Chocolate Croissant is $2.00 and the Chocolate Almond Croissant is $2.99.

I unfortunately was not too fond of the Turkey and Brie “Parisien Sandwich” {$7.95}. 
It’s a sharp and unique taste with the brie, mustard mixed with the sweetness of the green apples, but not my cup of tea. The baguette it was on was great though!
But they’ve got a huge selection of Artisan Sandwiches and Salads that I must try on my next visit.

The one savoury item that I am now in love with and will have to make a trip back out there to pick up a few of is the Smoked Salmon Quiche {$5.95}. I love quiches and I also happen to love salmon, and the fusion combined so well. Lip-smacking Delish! I’m craving one now.

And last but certainly not least, the mini morsels of heaven, the Crème brûlée {$2.95}.

The price is so right and I am coming back and leaving with an entire Box filled with them. They are that good. I’ve had a lot of Crème brûlée’s in my life but these were the perfect creamy sweetness. Do not leave Brioche Dorée without getting one.

Freshly made and authentic tasting quality French Urban Cuisine on the go with fantastic prices, here is one to add to your must-visit list of Cafes and Bakeries in Toronto.
You can get a whole lot of goodness for under $10. That’s sweet!
Okay, that’s it. Who’s heading to Brioche Dorée?I’ll see you there!

You can learn more about Brioche Dorée at http://www.briochedoree.comand also keep in touch with them via Twitter@BriocheDoreeCA or onFacebook.

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  1. I love pastries and all those lovely looking crepe’s! Sweets like that are my downfall to losing weight but just can’t help myself when I see such amazing food! I will definitely have to look for this place if I get anywhere near that area and stop in. Who could pass up that!!

  2. I loved how your hubby got the chance to try to make his own crepes! Oh my goodness!! Those pastry looks so amazing!! The cafe definitely has the paris feel to it!

  3. Wow what a delicious review. I will definitely put this place on my must-visit list of Cafes and Bakeries in Toronto. Thanks.

  4. I hope they are making their way west soon! Everything looks and sounds delicious and I do love frequenting companies (especially food service companies) that give back to the community!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  5. You’ve got me craving a creme brulee now! I also enjoy smoked salmon so I think I will really that salmon quiche. Sounds delicious. Thank you!

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