CAC’s Vision

Our vision at CAC is to be like “that friend” that always has something new to talk about and is always telling you like it is — honest, candid, reliable.  We strive to create an inclusive, online space for everyone that has a passion for all things poetic, pretty and piquant (and parenthood!).  

CAC History

Before taking the leap (after much thought and consideration) into focusing full-time on her most important job to date – motherhood, Carol owned and operated her own Executive Staffing Firm.
Prior to that, Carol worked in Human Resources and as a Full-Cycle Recruitment Manager for a large  organization handling full-cycle recruiting and new employee training.
With the success of her first independent staffing business, she was then diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in 2006.

In the process and path to motherhood while undergoing intensive infertility treatments, Carol’s job requirements had her constantly on the road and too busy to focus on this process.
With that, her business was placed on the back-burner so she can shift her eyes on the prize.
In October 2008, her beautiful and healthy daughter arrived.

When her daughter grew, her passion for custom treats and their relation to special events grew.
She then started her 2nd business, Bella’s Bon Bon’s (inspired after my daughter, Ava Isabella) which became a huge success!
So huge in fact, that she was called upon from Microsoft Canada to fulfill a massive custom order for 2 launch parties only a couple of months into her new business.
With the help of her amazing Cake Artist, she made many events unforgettable!
With a strong referral and repeat customer base, Bella’s Bon Bon’s became a hit.
But unfortunately, due to the lack of manpower, increasing orders and duties at home, Bella’s Bon Bon’s had to be put on hold.

Carol is an active ambassador for PCOS Awareness and strives to eliminate it once and for all!  
After a year of actively undergoing fertility treatments yet again in 2011, Carol and family welcomed their newest little addition, Talan Alexander, in 2012.

Carol’s hope and dream is to eventually open her own storefront; perhaps a quaint café/book shop/flower shop or her own perfumery in Paris someday.
What you can believe, you can achieve, right?

She wears many hats…

In addition to this blog (and of course being a full-time mom), Carol also offers freelance writing for fantastic news outlets and brands, freelance social strategy and graphic design.
She offers her professionalism and passion in social media, customer relations and public relations, by providing content and marketing strategies for many different brands and organizations, helping them to amplify their social outreaches by effective networking and by sparking authentic and organic conversation.  

She Represents…

Brands that offer an effectual and serviceable mission for their fans (consumers) and partners and personifies who CAC is, what she has a passion for and what her audience values.

Currently, Carol is partnered with a few reputable and honourable brands in an exclusive ambassadorship including Telus (for the 2nd year in a row!).


Got a question for Carol?

Email with any and all inquiries.

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