If you’re following me on my different social platforms, you’ll notice I have been raving non-stop about CC Cushions.

What are they and what’s the big deal?

So here’s the breakdown: The airy and light texture of BB Creams + the awesome coverage and skin-perfecting CC Creams + a portable and handy little sponge which is super convenient for transport and you have yourself a CC Cushion Compact.

Cushion compacts have been the skin-coverage option of choice in Korea for the past two years. And you’ve probably already noticed how fantastic their skin looks!

Cushion compacts use a round, circular sponge applicator that soak up formula onto your finger when you press into it. Press deeper, and the sponge floods with more formula. This is great as you can go from a high-quality sheer to medium coverage in a flash that’s super light as air!

One beauty brand that I swear by and completely devoted to for their added skincare benefits and wonderful product line is Pür Minerals.

Pür Minerals offers the all new Air Perfection CC Compact Cushion Foundation with SPF 50 with a better than ever, high-performance formula featuring natural, directly sourced Farm to Jar™ indredients. Air Perfection offers clinically proven skincare benefits to nourish your skin and improve your complexion.


I tried their new Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation recently which is my new Beauty BFF!
It has completely replaced all foundations and powders for me which is very convenient and I love the coverage and the way it makes my skin look so nice and radiant.  Plus it has SPF 50! So this is great for all seasons.

From first use I noticed that it covered redness and minor imperfections.
It doesn’t feel caked on and oily, in fact, it feels very light and fresh.
I have tried two other CC Cushions in the past (one of which is a popular Korean brand) and I can honestly tell you that Pür Minerals is the best for me, by far!
Another big bonus is that it comes with a full-sized refill so that you have time to run to the store to buy a new one without running out.  



The photo above is a more sheer coverage and with no primer, concealer or powder.  Hashtag #Flawless.
I received so many compliments when I started using this (you can say I’ve become a walking advert for it – ha-ha!).
So seriously ladies, you need to try it out and see for yourself. It’s a wonderful product and I highly recommend it — worth every penny!  Pür Minerals Air Perfection Cushion Foundation SPF 50 comes in 4 shades: Light, Medium, Tan, and Dark.  I am using the Medium shade.

Pür Minerals Air Perfection Cushion Foundation SPF 50 retails for $49 and is exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at shoppersdrugmart.ca.

Disclosure: CAC received sample products in exchange for an honest review, however, all opinions expressed are those of the author.

13 Comments on Beauty Must-Have: Pür Minerals Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation SPF 50

  1. I’ve been looking for cc and bb products that I can find easily in Canada, so far I haven’t been happy with the results. Will have to check this out, thanks for the review

  2. Wow, it really does look really good. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love it when I can see “real” pictures of the product I want.

  3. I love Pur Minerals powder foundation and I love Cushions from Korean brands so I really need to get my hands on this! I love the high SPF too!

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