Love, Love, Loves!
I was floored when I saw the photos of Alison Sweeny’s Momma Bird Baby Shower.
Not only were there excellent use of imagery and colours, but the creativity behind it all was just to die for! I know where I’ll be getting my next baby shower idea from (that is if my wonderful loved ones decide to throw me another). ;)One of my favourite decor ideas from Alison’s baby shower were the framed signs and posters in those wonderful colours.

8×10, 5×5 & 5×7 signs in Boy and Girl Colours:

20×24 Posters: (Recommend mounting to foam core or framing to display.)
DOWNLOAD THE .ZIP FILES HERE:{Please read the tips below as well}
Baby Shower Signs: PINK & Yellow – Click here to download
Baby Shower Signs: BLUE & Yellow – Click here to download
PRINTING Tips: Due to the heavy ink coverage, I definitely recommend printing these designs at a print shop (such as FedEx Kinkos) or an office with a high-quality laser printer. A place like Kinkos should only run you between $1.25 – $2 per 8.5 x 11 page, and the 5×5 and 5×7 quotes are set up as 2 per page to help maximize the space/value.
DOWNLOAD Tips: When files are downloaded to a PC, you might need to “extract” them before they’ll open properly as they may still be compressed. If this happens, select the file that won’t open and look for a button at the top of your downloads folder that says “Extract”, then click it.

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