My favourite Holiday is fast approaching and I thought I would start early at my decorating inside my home.
I wanted something fresh, festive yet elegant. So when I first laid my eyes on The Home Depot’s new beautiful Martha Stewart Collection of Holiday Décor, I knew right away which theme I wanted for my home.
The Home Depot recently introduced five brand new Holiday Collections from Martha Stewart:

  • Winter Berry Collection: Timeless and classic with with a colour palette of Christmas red, champagne gold and chocolate brown.
  • Arctic Holiday: An elegant, snow-covered Arctic theme with a fanciful colour palette of ice white, silver, gun metal and frosted blue.
  • Celebrate: A stately and sophisticated play on the classics with this elegant, traditional palette of gold and brown with a touch holiday sparkle.
  • Midnight Holiday: A modern twist on traditional favourites with a contemporary colour palette of chartreuse, gun metal and dusty navy.
  • Metallic Woodland: Embellishing the classic forest theme with a metallic sheen and gold-luster and silver leaf finishes. Colour palette includes: copper, champagne, charcoal, warm silver and gold.

As beautiful as they all are, my contemporary yet elegant style gravitated very quickly towards the Arctic Theme.

I visited my local Home Depot to begin my holiday decor shopping and felt like a kid in a candy store!

Upon entering, the beauty of the season illuminated throughout with a line-up of The Home Depot’s newest collections including old favourites, lights, exterior decor pieces and artificial Christmas trees.

I love how they separated the decor by the themes. Easier to find things!

You can never have enough garland throughout the home!

Do you think my husband would mind if I had the Eiffel Tower on my front lawn? Love it!

These white deer are absolutely stunning. Planning to include in my exterior decor.

I really appreciated how they laid out all the decor items separating by theme which made it so much more easier to find the pieces you wanted.

The items I picked up for my Arctic Holiday Theme included:

And a few other decor pieces like large finial ornaments matching the theme and lots of silver and white sparkly picks. I personally love adding picks and flowers to my Christmas tree. It’s truly all in the details.

They add some pretty texture and glimmer to your tree and help it to really stand out.

Another thing you want to keep in mind when decorating your tree is to mix it up with the size and shapes of the ornaments. Do a mix of a big and small, finial and round, and of course, ornaments of sentimental value — those that you have collected over the years — you want to make sure you display those as well.

For the fireplace mantle, make sure to create a nice vignette — it is, after all, a visual work of art for you and your guests over the holidays and tells a story!

I love how my mantle turned out! What do you think?

Add some of your ornaments in a Hurricane Vase for a lovely effect.

The beautiful combination of silver, white and frosted blue couples so well with my white bookshelves and fireplace. We also had to purchase new throw pillows to fit in with the theme. Remember to take everything in the environment into consideration when decorating for the holidays.

And less is definitely more. You don’t want to overdue your decor either. Grab some key pieces and then add some little touches. A ton of large items or items of the same size and colour, would really throw everything off. Imagine if everything I put up was only silver… wouldn’t be as appealing would it?

When decorating our tree, we added a lot of new beautiful Arctic Holiday pieces but also coupled with personal ornaments that we have collected over the years that hold a special meaning to us.

Our tree topper Angel is one of them and thankfully she’s in white!

Dragonflies & kids’ first ornaments are among a few of the sentimental ornaments on the tree.

And what Christmas tree isn’t complete without a little train track?
We definitely had to pick up the Christmas Tree Train from The Home Depot as well for our little ones.
A must!
Instead of placing around the tree (which you can do), we opted to place on the floor around the tree. Not only was it enchanting and sweet, it also served as distraction away from our ornaments from a very curious toddler! Win-win!

Our little boy was so captivated!

Thank you to The Home Depot for helping us create more special and beautiful memories in our home this holiday season.

To learn more about The Home Depot’s Exclusive Martha Stewart Holiday Collections, click here.
You can also visit them on Facebook and Twitter @HomeDepotCanada.

To view my shopping experience and more photos, enter hashtag #HDHolidays on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Are you excited to start decorating? Have you started already?

I’d love to know what your holiday decor inspiration is this year!

And here’s some more fantastic news! The Home Depot is being featured in my upcoming CAC 2013 Holiday Gift Guide;and also donating an awesome prize for the DIYer on your Christmas List!

Disclosure: I received compensation to complete this review and reveal; however, as always all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

88 Comments on An Arctic Holiday this Holiday Season with The Home Depot #HDHolidays

  1. I love to decorate for the holidays. Christmas is one of my favourite times. This year the selection at Home Depot is quite beautiful

  2. Love the colour scheme…The silver birds are lovely! I didn’t know the Martha Stewart Holiday Collections were at the Home Depot…thankyou!
    via Rhonda W G.

  3. Didn’t think I was going to do it but ended up changing some of my decor this year. Went to Home Depot to grab stocking holders, since they still carry the same ones I bought last year ended up buying “other” things. So much for saving.

  4. I love your decorations! So beautiful.

    I am also IN LOVE with the Eiffel Tower!! I tried to convince my husband that we “needed” it… but he didn’t agree, lol. I won’t give up though!

  5. I’m finished my decorating, and its basically a quirky collection of decorations I have collected over the years, but I am really loving the Midnight Holiday collection!!

  6. Wow your tree and mantle look amazing, it’s so nicely coordinated. I didn’t know Home Depot sold so many holiday decor items!

  7. Wow, I had no idea Home Depot carried so many beautiful decorations!! Thanks for the post…its inspiring me to put more effort into my own decorating. I love Christmas!

  8. I had no idea the Home Depot had so many beautiful holiday decorations! I actually was just browsing a few days ago and found out they had tons of adorable Christmas yard inflatables for great prices! We went and ordered one to add to our display this year.

  9. Everything looks so beautiful.That tree is gorgeous! I’d never take it down! lol

    I’ve always envied those with a Home Depot in their area…I’ve never been to one. I hope we get one on the west coast of NL one day!

  10. Wow – Your layout is just absolutely Gorgeous, We have only just set up our tree, Normally every year we go to Walmart, But I Think this year we are going to make a change and go to Home Depots. I am really excited =) Thank you so much for sharing =) <3

  11. Beautiful tree and decor! We went with Home Depots “Winter Berry Collection”! We also got our inflatable Santa from there!


  12. Wow, great decorating! Love the colours in the Artic Holidays. We just cleaned out a bunch of our Christmas decorations so I think hubby wouldn’t like it if I went and bought more…lol (Judy Cowan)

  13. SO BEAUTIFUL! Your tree and mantle look fab!
    I am in love with this theme, Artic Holidays. The colours are so pretty.
    And that tree train is adorable. Will let my sister know about it.

  14. Looks absolutely beautiful. I really love the Arctic Holiday Theme. Also love the Celebrate theme as well.
    I will be heading over to Home Depot to pick some stuff up! Thanks!

  15. Wow your tree and decor look amazing! Great job!
    I didn’t know The Home Depot carried all this and will definitely be checking them out. Love the price point too!

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