Cold Stone Creamery! *Huge applause with standing ovation*

Red Carpet-worthy indulgence available at your local Cold Stone Creamery with their Cold Stone Creamery Oscar Creations.

I know it’s a little chilly out there but that should not stop you from heading over to Cold Stone Creamery and picking up some of their yummy creations to delight in while tuning in to the Oscars today!

They’ve got a great line-up of Oscar Creations ready for every “A-lister” in your home.

Amour – The universal language. Try the Strawberry Passion ice cream cake with layers of moist yellow cake, Strawberry ice cream, a graham cracker pie crust and strawberry puree, all wrapped in a creamy strawberry frosting… because nothing heals heartache like ice cream!

Life of Pi  – Chocolate ice cream, OREO cookie pieces and orange Gummi Bears. We like to call this one the ‘Richard Parker.’

 Beasts of the Southern Wild –  Step out of the world’s harsh realities and take a moment to dream with the Oh So Dreamy ice cream bar: French Vanilla ice cream, surrounded by a chocolaty and almond shell.

 Silver Linings Playbook – Mint ice cream, chocolate chips and fudge, the unofficial sweet treat of The Eagles football team. We’d bet that eating a cup of this before the big game will help with their juju!

Zero Dark Thirty – It seemed appropriate that we temporarily change the name of our Midnight Delight ice cream cake to Midnight Thirty Delight. Layers of moist devil’s food cake and chocolate ice cream are wrapped in a rich fudge ganache. It’s perfect for sharing at an Oscar party!

 Django Unchained – If Django and Dr. Schultz are going to remain focused on finding Broomhilda, they’re going to need a snack that will put an extra kick in their step. Tim Hortons’ Double Double Coffee ice cream for a dollop of energy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for a pinch of protein and topped off with a sprinkle of dark chocolate shavings.

Argo –  How about a red and white ice cream cake to celebrate the Canadian Embassy’s contribution to this declassified true story? Cake Batter Confetti is made of layers of moist devil’s food cake and Cake Batter ice cream, wrapped in creamy white frosting and topped off with delicious sprinkles.

Les Miserables – French Vanilla ice cream, strawberries and yellow cake. Our quick, easy and delicious version of a traditional French Crepe.  Moral of the story:  Just don’t try to take it without paying!

 Lincoln –  Strawberry ice cream, blueberries and whipped topping – an appropriate red, white and blue creation to honour an American legend.

How amazing do they look?
Well, they taste even better!
After much thought and deliberation from my panel of judges, the Oscar Creation award in our home went to…

Truthfully, we have more than one favourite from these creations — they were so good! But strawberry is a favourite so we had to take the Amour home with us to jazz up and sweeten up our Oscar Party!

The REAL Oscar Award for total sweetness, delight, cuteness and overall charm goes to…

We are rooting for Django Unchained, Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook to pick up some awards tonight! Who are you hoping will win?

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  1. Those look amazing! I’m all over Django Unchained for awards! Loved that movie.
    And I agree about the last award for overall charm…. he is a adorable!

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