Countdown is on!  School will officially be back in session in only a few short weeks.  Are your  kids excited or are you more excited?    

This year is will be a monumental one for me as I will be sending off both my children to school, including my youngest who will be off to kindergarten.  I have a mingle of emotions ranging from enthusiasm to melancholy.  He’s my last.  Of course I’m going to feel a bit of sadness.  It’s really bittersweet.  I successfully home-schooled my bright eldest daughter till she was in grade 1 and was hoping to do the same for my inquisitive son but he has expressed his own immense interest in going to school with his sister.  He was more than ready!  And I wasn’t going to rebuff his request.  

Typically, I would be scrambling till the day before school starts with my back-to-school list (guilty as charged) but this time around I ensured I was all set weeks in advance.  It’s easy to do this when you shop where everything you need is already there.  This is why for many years, we have purchased our children’s back-to-school gear at Sears Canada.  It takes me back to when I was a young child.  I still remember all my shopping trips with my mom to Sears.  There is something very sentimental and inedible about this place.  It goes way beyond just the material items.  

This year, I admittedly have had my hands tied more than I’d like so my usual preference these days is online shopping.  Thankfully Sears Canada offers a quick and very easy online shopping experience.  I really love and am impressed with their Kids Sears Private Label offering!  Everything I needed was available including clothing, backpack, lunchbox (My son loves the Marvel Avengers BPA-Free Insulated Lunch Set!), shoes and accessories and even stationary and school supplies.  Check out their Magic Maker Box which comes with crayons, markers, pencil crayons and notebooks!

The Magic Maker Box Set, $20

On top of having cool and on-trend style, the quality of their items are always top-notch.  And let’s not forget how much you can buy because of their prices – amazing!  Currently, they have 2 for $20 for Little Boys Skinny Jeans or 2 for $22 for Big Boys’ Denim Skinny Jeans and 2 for $22 for Big Girls’ Denim Jeggings or Big Girls’ Core Denim Skinny Jeans.

I noticed their clothing fits almost true-to-size for the kids with adjustable waist which is perfect because I find this a challenge when it comes to jeans/pants for my daughter as she is tall and lean.

Not to mention the $4 adorable graphic tee’s like this Little Boys’ Short-Sleeve Crew Neck Tee and Social Media Expert Big Girls Short-Sleeve Graphic Tee.

For more information on the items my children are wearing, see below.

Who. What. Wear



Other Items:

Learn more about Sears Canada’s Kid’s line by visiting them online at  

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Sears Canada; however, all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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