It happened. I was so caught up in the every day duties of my life that I completely forgot that I was out of cleanser and moisturizer.  There I was staring blankly at my face in the bathroom mirror thinking whether or not I should just use my husband’s skincare products.
Let’s make ourselves clear here. The secret to great skin aside from lots of water, a healthy diet and genes is to use great skincare products every day (twice a day) that are suitable for your skin. 
And the ones that our handsome male counterparts usually use are NOT made for us, ladies. Stop using it, please.
Here’s my daily skincare regimen: 
AM: Cleanse, Moisturize (my moisturizer usually includes SPF so I can bypass that. If yours doesn’t, you need to include sunscreen), eye cream. 
I also have dry skin so I bypass the toner. If you’ve got oilier skin, you may want to include a toner right after you cleanse.
If I’m planning on going out and applying make-up, I’d use a skin primer.
PM: Remove eye make-up, cleanse, moisturize, eye cream.
Twice a week I would exfoliate. 
Okay, so not so bad, right? Well, when you have a fussy 4 month old baby that is demanding you to hold him STAT or very hungry and a 4 year old that has their own needs you need to tend to (which, if you’re a mom will know is a lot)… oh and an email that needs to be responded to ASAP; 10-15 minutes of simple skincare will usually turn into 5 minutes of a quick cleanse, splash of water on your face and a quick dollop of moisturizer. 
Sometimes not even that. Just a splash of water in the morning to wake me up followed by a zip-line to my keurig.
Let’s make this short and sweet.
I found. I tried. And I fell in love… with Mèreadesso!
The Mèreadesso line of skincare products is designed for the individual who understands that there is no one “magic ingredient” to solve all their needs. They also do not have the time or desire to use 16 different products to achieve their goals.
Finally, it is possible to find the combination of ingredients that addresses all the needs of your skin. There are no toners, serums, day/night or 3am creams, or different formulas for different “skin types” in the Mèreadesso line, nor will there ever be. There is no confusion of what product to use, where or at what time.
And what I love about their products, finally the hubby and I can actually share! 
Their formulas also eliminate the need to segregate by skin type, zone, time of day and, believe it or not, even gender.
Simplicity, ease, and effectiveness. One step, one product, for everyone.
Their cleanser also smells amazing. It’s not overpowering like some can get but leaves your skin feeling really fresh, clean and with a nice subtle scent.
I’ve had some issues as of late with my skin due to my lack of good eating habits and sleep, especially after having a new baby.  I didn’t want my face to actually show that I just had a baby and am a total zombie mom.
Dark under eye circles, dryness, and uneven skin tone was my biggest issue.
I even developed some sporadic bouts of adult acne. *sigh*
Believe me when I tell you that after 2 weeks of using the cleanser combined with the moisturizer (that is my new best friend), I have really seen results.
My skin looks way better than it did a few weeks ago.
I am head over heels for the All-in-One Moisturizer

Thanks to genetics, I have inherited a little bit of the “gobble-gobble chin” I call it, which is a little bit of fat under the chin which gives a turkey effect. No matter your size, you cannot escape it!
After a few uses, I have seen a decrease in the gobble-ness! 
Dead serious.
This is some good stuff.
Check out all the awesomeness that goes into creating these products here with their key ingredients.
View their entire product line and see what Mèreadesso has to offer you here:
And thanks to Mèreadesso, one of my lucky readers’ skin is in for a treat!
One of my readers will win a gift basket filled with all of Mèreadesso’s products (yup ALL of them!) 
Simply enter via rafflecopter below to be eligible to win.
Good luck!

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62 Comments on Beauty in a Bottle: Mèreadesso Review & Giveaway

  1. Acne can be so irritating. I actually just got back from an appointment to my dermatologist to have it removed. I know not all products works for everyone, but I’ll definitely give this one a shot.

  2. I always have problems with acne. Even now that I’m getting older (shhh, that part is a secret). I’ve tried samples of the Mereadesso products before and loved them, though. High quality, but expensive for a single mom.

  3. I am on a medication that makes my skin really oily in the T zone and I have been breaking out. I feel like a teenager all over again. But on the rest of my face my skin is dry. Frustrating…

  4. My biggest issue is oily skin. I also have developed adult acne especially in the chin area – horrible! Would love to win this!

  5. My biggest problem is super dry skin on my feet. I try to moisturize regularly but I have yet to find a cream that really works for me.
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

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