Spring has officially sprung and along with it comes the onset of all the beautiful new nature life around us.  

My family and I enjoy quality time sprucing up our garden and home exterior in this beautiful season and I find it extremely therapeutic and a great opportunity to teach our children the importance of patience, care and attention. 

I like to find opportunities to get my kids more involved in our day-to-day activities and learning great life skills and lessons along the way.  Perfect ways to accomplish these is by sparking their interest with things they already enjoy.  

Recently, we had my young niece over and my son noticed she was fascinated with a show playing on TV.  Since then, he has also been entertained with JAM Media’s award-winning preschool series, Becca’s Bunch, which currently airs on Nick Jr. (US) and CBC Kids (Canada). Each episode follows Becca and her adorable bunch of friends, Russell, Sylvia and Pedro, through Wagtail Woods on new adventures, where they demonstrate positive thinking, leadership and problem solving!  
With their young minds, these types of shows are positive and fantastic ways to teach our young ones these very important characteristics.

If you want a child’s mind to grow, you must first plant a seed.

Over the past weekend, we brought a little bit of Wagtail Woods into our home for a special Becca’s Bunch planting activity.  We were sent some character-inspired planting seeds (Becca’s Sweet Peas, Russell’s Marigolds, Pedro’s Forget Me Nots and Sylvia’s Sunflowers) and it was nice seeing the kids work together outdoors to start their own little garden.  Each day, they patiently await for the first flower to peek through the soil.  I have to admit, I’m pretty enthusiastic over it too!

Have you started your spring gardening?  What activities do you enjoy doing with the kids that teaches them life lessons?

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