Tomorrow my precious little girl is turning 3! Where does the time go? I seriously just feel like it was only yesterday that she was learning to roll over and spitting out solids.

Currently, I am finalizing all the details and finishing touches for her birthday party tomorrow being held here in our home and I am S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D. Yeah, I know it’s just a little birthday party for a toddler but I take party planning very seriously. All the details, big and small, are ever overlooked when it comes to my parties.

It’s always like I’m planning my wedding all over again. That’s how I feel. Every event that I host, I put all my effort and energy into. Sure some people attending may not notice those little details and realize how much I actually put into this fiesta but I’m doing it for my daughter. She’s everything to me and although she will probably just notice her cake, gifts, balloons and bouncy castle, it makes me feel good knowing I’m doing all I can to make her day extra special (and I’m also taking lots of pics so she can look back at how much mommy did for her). :p

On top of planning her party, I’m also getting things organized for Halloween festivities (again, being hosted in my home) and also my regular “supermom” duties and with my constant fertility appointments at the clinic.
It’s exhausting! If there’s one person that is my cute kryptonite, it’s my little girl. She demands a lot of my attention right now. A heck of a lot.

Where’s the cape when I need it? And the pause button.

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