I remember growing up reading every single one of Dr. Seuss’ books
It’s amazing that many years later, his stories have continued to transcend through the generations and persevere in teaching us all about imagination, kindness, humbleness, confidence & laughter.

My absolute favourite books from Dr. Seuss are: The Seven Lady Godivas (1939), The Cat in The Hat (1957), Green Eggs & Ham (1960), Oh The Thinks you can Think (1975), Oh The Places You’ll Go (1990).

Can you believe Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel’s first book was published in 1937? Wow! That was 75 years ago! Today would mark his 108th birthday!
My great-grandparents read his words and now my daughter is too. Literary Genius!

It takes a remarkable and distinctive virtuoso to come up with words that would echo a lifetime. And that he did.

What was your favourite Dr. Seuss book and quote?

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