For many years, Lego has been a welcome form of play and brought lots of joy for many children across the globe.  
I still remember when I was a little girl and spending countless hours intricately creating my own little structures, whether alone or with a friend, and feeling a sense of accomplishment, admiring my masterpiece.
Now as a mom, I just love watching my children build their blocks of creativity.
Many times my husband and I find ourselves slouched across the floor, lego scattered about, heavily focused on constructing with our children (sometimes even without them!).  It’s one of those toys you can never grow out of.

What pleases me about Lego is what it’s doing for my children that exceeds play.  Using Legos, children develop their ability to visualize, plan and complete.  It is even possible for kids to easily grasp the concepts of fractions and dividing numbers just by simply playing with Legos. And they do not even notice that they are actually studying something.  Playing lego could help our children develop or discover their hidden talent in engineering — the more they pay attention to the details, the more intricate their designs will be.  We just may be molding future architects and engineers!  How great is that?

Two years ago, Ava building her own skyscraper building.

This is why I encourage this play-based learning and why I really love the brand in a whole.  I was really excited to learn that LEGO came out with LEGO Friends themed products based around a group of multicultural girl friends.  My daughter absolutely LOVES them!  

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Another favourite of my children’s is a line of construction toys created by Lego, originally a sub-theme of Lego’s Technic series, Bionicle.  My husband started collecting these many years back and still has them stored safely and fully constructed.


My family and I were thrilled to learn that Netflix now has two new Netflix Original Series, Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship 


and Bioncle: The Journey to One now streaming.  On top of these series, they have an array of Lego titles available to watch as well.  


Do your kids love LEGO?  Make sure to check out these new series and let me know what you all think below.  Happy streaming!

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  1. My family and I are hooked on Netflix i am going to check out Bioncle: The Journey to One,not sure if the kids seen this.

  2. My oldest son had a Lego party for his birthday last year. He loves it! He would love this new series. 🙂

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