Do you remember that time in the summer when you realized you had forgotten to pack an essential item that you needed?
Some of those memories include me either a) being sunburned and reaping the dreadful aftereffects b) being bored silly c) missing out on some of the most precious memories of the year.

I am saving you some time (and sanity) and giving you my essential summer packing list for those weeks at the cottage or beach-side.

Listen ladies.  I know how important (and gorgeous) sun-kissed skin is; I spent many years of my life trying to achieve that perfectly golden sun-tan from tanning beds (I know, bad Carol! I didn’t know any better back then), spray-on’s, tanning creams, and the ever-so-popular natural way of tanning outdoors slathered in suntan lotion.
But we all are a little older and a lot wiser (I hope) to know that not protecting your skin with the proper SPF will not only torch your skin from the outside, but from the inside as well.

Many will argue back that the sun is actually good for you (Vitamin D!) and that if not out for too long, they should be okay. Especially if it’s not too sunny.
Improper skin protection and too much UV exposure will actually break down vitamin D to inactive compounds! Furthermore, sun exposure increases your risk of skin cancer and accelerated skin aging.

Let’s be smarter this summer and not forget to protect with the right sun care.


Ombrelle is my favourite sunblock; I use it for myself and my kids.
This year, they have a new product which is the Ombrelle Ultra Light AdvancedWeightless Body Lotion SPF 50+.

Ombrelle SPF 50+ Ultra Light AdvancedTM Weightless Body Lotion is an ultralight sun protection lotion for the body. This 80 minute water resistant lotion provides effective broad-spectrum protection. An advanced technology for an ultra light texture, this lotion is quickly absorbed and leaves a comfortable finish without white film on the skin. Not sticky or greasy. This hypoallergenic formula is fragrance and colorant free.

And for kids they now have the Ombrelle KidsMineral Lotion SPF 50+.

Ombrelle®’s filtering system, made with a naturally derived sun filter of mineral origin, provides effective broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays for the delicate skin of children.

– Ombrelle® Kids 100% Mineral SPF 50+ is a sun protection lotion made with titanium dioxide, a sun filter of 100% natural origin. It helps prevent sunburn and is water resistant (80 minutes).
– This formula is pediatrician-tested on children’s sensitive skin.
– This hypoallergenic lotion is fragrance and colorant free.
– If this product is used as directed with other sun protection measures, it decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun.

Another favourite is the new Sun Bum and Baby Bum skincare line exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. It not only smells great, but the price is right and they’re also vegan and gluten-free and not tested on animals!


Just in case your skin does in fact get burned at all, don’t forget the Aloe Vera Gel!


I remember my mom whipping out that gloppy green stuff many years ago when I was a silly little teen that went a little excessive out in the sun and ended up getting a horrible sunburn.
For those that have had a bad sunburn before, or any burn for that matter, you know how much it stings.
I have always used Life Brand After Sun Aloe Vera Gel, $7.49 (470mL) from Shoppers Drug Mart because it’s cheap and very effective!

If you want to add a little golden shimmer to your skin along with a gorgeous yet not overly loud scent, do what the French women do and try Nuxe. The Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse® OR for Face, Body and Hair is one of my absolute favourites!
The sensual shimmering dry oil version of Huile Prodigieuse® contains tiny shimmering mineral particles that make your skin twinkle and radiate in the sun (à la Edward Cullen).


It nourishes, softens and illuminates skin and hair in one go. It has a unique, non-greasy feel and a captivating fragrance.
This golden shimmer dry oil version has become a cult beauty product as fast as the original Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse® version! NUXE Paris stays #1 oil in pharmacies in France.

And don’t forget these:

√ Bathing Suit + cute cover-up (I grabbed some really lovely ones at Walmart and Joe Fresh!)
√ Sunglasses
√ Sunhat (Old Navy has tons of cute ones!)
√ A great read – If you’re looking for summer reading suggestions, check out my top faves here.
√ Your Camera (because sometimes your smartphone just can’t capture the hi-def quality that you need to capture)
√ Meds – don’t forget your allergy meds, personal meds, tylenol & childrens medicine. I also swear by essential oils and I ALWAYS have my Saje Wellness Pocket Pharmacy kit with me.
Learn more about what I love at Saje Wellness and the Pocket Pharmacy here.
√ Mosquito Repellent – Keep those nasty little vampires away with my (not-so secret) weapon, Johnson’s Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. It not only locks in moisture for you and your little ones’ skin, but it wards off mosquitoes too!
√ Face Cleaning Products – Although I don’t wear much make-up, if any, when out at the cottage or beach during the summer, cleaning your skin from all it’s impurities at the of the day is very important!


If I’m in a hurry to wipe off face scum and makeup, I use all-natural Yes-To Coconut cleansing wipes. The coconut smell is yummy and my skin feels fresh and hydrated with no dryness afterwards.

On top of these, you don’t want to forget your smartphone chargers, snacks and beverages.  I love Jax Coco Coconut Water Kid Packs in Original and Chocolate best as a beverage of choice during the summer.  Coconut water is perfect to keep hydrated — low in calories, rich in potassium, and fat and cholesterol free — and may potentially be better at keeping you hydrated than a sports drink or water.


Most importantly, don’t forget to stock up on good friends and family.  Because summer memories are nothing without people that make you smile.

Have a wonderful summer! 

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  1. Skin care in the summer as well as all year long is so important! You’ve picked some really great products here! Thanks!

  2. A few new products I haven’t heard about before, will have to make a trip to Shopper’s and check a few of these out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tip about keeping the mosquitos away by using Johnson’s® Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E! We are going away soon to Blue Mountain and need to keep those buggers away!

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