Pretty Floral Prints, vintage 20’s-inspired bouffants and Poppy Reds; this year is looking bright (literally!)

I am always keeping my eyes open for what’s on trend although I admit that I am not really a fashion risk-taker and will stick to what’s comfortable and suits me.
I think that’s the way it should be though.
Fashion is meant to bring your best out and be an expression of who you are not what you see others wearing.
What may look great on another person may not look so amazing on you.

What I always like to do when experimenting with new colours is put it close to my face at a mirror in a well-lit room, usually when I notice a glow oozing from my face, there’s a match!
Let me clarify: colours that complement your natural tone should brighten the appearance of your skin and look good with your hair and eyes.
Colours which aren’t so great will make you appear pale and washed-out and accentuate any dark shadows or blemishes.
You’ll know when once you look in that mirror.

Deciding on the colours that are best for you is very simple. It just depends on your own colouring, which includes your eye and hair colour and skin tone.

In order to tell your skin tone you need to look at it under natural light, checking to see whether there is a hint of golden or rosiness. A hint of apricot or golden undertones means you’re “warm” toned, being slightly pink or rosy makes you “cool” toned.

Cool-toned people look best in blue-based colours; warm-toned people will look best in yellow-based colours.


Warm tones

Warm tones suit natural earth colours such as browns, bronzes and sage greens.
For pretty feminine summer shades try peach and apricot.
If you prefer reds, then try brick red, dark tomato or a burnt orange hue.
Earth greens like olive or jade enhance warm skin tones.
Clean ivory or oyster whites also enhance the warm skin tone type.
For your professional wardrobe, look for clothes in taupe or bright navy. Try brown and gold accessories for maximum impact.

Cool tones
Pure white is a great match for cool skin tones.
Bold raspberries, deep greens, royal blue, plum and pure black are also winners.
Cool-toned people can wear bright ruby red to great effect.
Cool skin tones can also be enhanced by soft pastel blues and pinks.

Pay attention to what you are wearing when friends compliment you on your outfit — it’s likely that this colour is a good match for you.

Okay so back to my favourite trends for Spring and Summer 2013!
I’ve had long hair for most of my life (short hair just does not suit my round face!)
I love that the long & sleek hair is back on the trend watch this season. Also, we’re seeing the mid-part and deep side-part taking over! Love it!

Great Gatsby! How beautiful are these 20’s inspired looks?
My trend-radar is sounding off loudly and I’m not complaining — love this look!
Coincidence that the much-anticipated (well for me that is!) The Great Gatsby movie is debuting this year? Perhaps.

On top of the hair, look out for Great Gatsby inspired hair pieces too!

Oh, and it’s not just on trend for the ladies.  Men, we’re looking at you! Check out Leonardo DiCaprio’s coif — I’m so not complaining about this one either. *wink, wink*

Now onto the makeup.
Loving these looks for the face this year.

Graphic Liner.
Graphic eyeliner, especially in the vibrant, Mediterranean-inspired hues of turquoise, jade and aqua, goes from ramp to real with ease.

Cherry Red Lips with Neutral Eyes.
I’ve always been rocking this look — love it! 

Fresh-faced with Glowing Skin.
Whatever other makeup you choose, the focus this year is on supple, hydrated and healthy skin that radiates with a beautiful mother-of-pearl glow. Extra-vigilant skincare is key. May I introduce you to Mèreadesso?  But till the results kick in, try a light-reflecting primer, liquid foundation applied with a brush and a highlighter.

Now going back to the clothing, check out what I think is “haute” this coming season!
I absolutely adore the abstract and rich florals, chevron patterns, stripes and poppy red! YES!
Pretty, feminine and light.


And for the home…

I’m smitten by all this gorgeousness and excited for the year ahead! 
Have you got  favourite trend for this year?

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  1. Metallics is my favourite trend – but mostly the chrome/silver look. I find they can go well with just about everything. Gold/similar metallics are a bit harder to place.

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