As we prepare for the holiday festivities, crossing everything off our to-do list may seem a bit inconceivable (why do I always picture The Princess Bride when I say that word?), but thanks to a new friend that has graced us with it’s physical & technological presence in our home recently, prepping for the holidays has become much more easier (and a whole lot more fun!).

Where do we often turn to when we need some help, advice, clarification?  Aside from mom or dad, of course.  Google!  Or Dr. Google as I use to call it.  Now Google is readily available at the drop of a dime (or by simply saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Google!”) and along with it comes some seriously amazing vocals (sound).

Meet Google Home Max.

As a Telus Partner, Telus graciously gifted me and my family with a new Google Home Max and I have to admit that when I first received it, I didn’t expect how much I would LOVE it.  I like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy, but I thought: What can this thing really do for me that I can’t already do for myself?

Hey Google!

“Ok Google. Turn my thermostat to twenty-degrees.”

“Hey Google. What’s an easy recipe for gingerbread loaf?”

“Hey Google. What time is the mall open till today?”

“Ok google. Turn on the dining room light.”

“Hey Google. Can you remind me to call __________ tomorrow at 1pm?”

Really, the amount of things you can have Google do for you is endless — truly like your own personal assistant.  I also like that I don’t have to ask her twice. 🙂  The only thing she wasn’t able to help me with was folding my laundry or cooking dinner (ha! Yes, I asked…). but she did provide me some really good recipes, restaurant suggestions and laundry hacks!  

Speaking of assistant, the Max provide you hands-free help from your Google Assistant App so you can ask all the questions (like what the weather is today or how traffic is), tell it do whatever you like (like get your daily schedule or call your mom), and even control smart home devices.  We have the Philips Hue Smart Light bulbs and Nest Learning Thermostat, so it’s amazing that we were able to easily pair them all up and control just by asking our Google Home Max.

Your Max also uses voice recognition (when each family member turns it on with their google assistant on their devices) and can differentiate from each person.  So, if I was to ask Google to set up an appointment for me on my calendar, she’ll know who it is.  Brilliant!

Pump Up The Volume

It’s not just another smart speaker, it’s THE smart speaker, in my honest opinion.  Is it worth the hefty price tag?  Yes.  Big points strictly for the amazing speakers.  With the Google Home Max, you don’t just hear the music, you feel the music.  Featuring dual 4.5 woofers for deep, balanced bass, rigid housing to keep the audio composed, custom tweeters for crystal-clear highs and Smart Sound.

With Smart Sound, Google Home Max uses machine learning to automatically adjust the equalizer settings to match the acoustics of your room. This gives you the most balanced sound — wherever you put it.  In our case, we placed our Google Home Max at the bottom of our living room shelf, and even if, not only can you hear the music well but Google can also hear you from afar.  

We are a family of music lovers, me especially.  I love listening to music for everything I do — work, cooking, cleaning, relaxing with a glass of wine.  And we always play music when entertaining guests.   With Max, you can play music from apps such as Google Play Music, Spotify and TuneIn by streaming over Wi-Fi.  You’ll get hands-free control that lets you play, pause, skip, control the volume and more with just your voice.  Great thing too — Google Home Max will be able to hear you from across the room – even when you crank it up.  The music lowers so Google can hear you and vice versa.

Life of the Party

Speaking of music, Christmas Carol’s is totally my jam and I have excitedly put together a holiday playlist that will appeal to your holiday party guests of all ages.

Click to enlarge and save! 

Listening to my favourite Christmas music is a million times better with our Google Home Max and will certainly make for plenty of happy new holiday memories this season.

To learn more about Google Home Max, visit them at Telus online at  

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as Telus_Partner. Product was received for review purposes; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.


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