My parents are two of my biggest role models when it comes to fortitude and perseverance. Although my mother came from a more prominent family, my father had very humble beginnings. 

My father, a young man in his early 20’s, newly married and a new father, made the strategic decision to leave all he knew in his hometown, and come to Canada to strive to accomplish more with all he has to offer, which was a strong engineering degree, an incredible business acumen and a strong will to succeed. He wanted to provide the very best for his family, as most fathers want to do.

After migrating to Canada, he started his modest career fixing televisions and electronics to sitting in the Executive seat as GM of a large logistics organization in a span of 10 years.

We have a lot of family and friends abroad in different parts of the world, and many especially in my parent’s hometown in the Philippines. An important and often respectable gesture in our culture is to ensure we are giving back to those less fortunate “back home”, as they call it. My dad never forgets his family back home. He ensures he’s sending money when he can, especially for his sister and his nieces and nephews to whom he was very close to — whether it’s for birthdays, special holidays or just because.
My mother comes from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. She’s partners with my uncle who owns resort property abroad and business transactions are routine.
If you’ve ever sent money globally, you know it can be costly. Did you know CIBC offers FREE Global Money Transfers? Yes, I said free!


CIBC Global Money Transfer lets you send money anytime, usually within 1 business day, with very competitive rates and ZERO fees for existing CIBC Customers.
You can send money from your Canadian and US dollar chequing and savings accounts, as well as personal lines of credit, to 35+ countries worldwide, including India, Philippines, and the Eurozone countries and it’s convenient and quick to send! You can send money online or through a branch with a peace of mind as they offer secure delivery of money and the majority of funds are delivered to the recipient by next business day.
There are no fees from CIBC to the recipient for receiving money, however, no guarantee that the recipient’s financial institution will not levy more fees or service charges so you may want to ensure your recipient is aware of that. As long as recipient’s bank name and account number are correct, the funds will arrive safely and be deposited directly into his or her account.
CIBC Global Money Transfers are *free of fees to CIBC customers.
*Standard foreign exchange rates apply.

CIBC customers receive accurate, real-time pricing every time they send money as the exchange rates are based on live exchange rates.
This is truly a fantastic offering, especially for those like my parents that tend to send money internationally often. Learn more about CIBC No Fee Global Money Transfer online here.

Do you send money globally to friends or family or for business purposes or online purchases?



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*DISCLAIMER: This post is brought to you by CIBC Global Money Transfer™. All opinions expressed are my own.

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