One of my favourite, if not my number one, art pieces of all times is A Starry Night by impressionism visionary, Vincent Van Gogh.
There has always been something about the night sky filled with gleaming and twinkling stars that bring a sense of tranquility and peace.
Since I was a child, I remember my mom telling me that the stars were all our wishes being held by angels and every time it twinkled, it meant the wish was being granted.
Even as an adult, I can’t help but believe it when I see a twinkling star. 🙂
It’s nice to hold on to sweet memories and feelings that make your heart happy.

I know for most children, the sight of the stars always makes them feel calm and relaxed. And in most cases, lulls them to sleep!

Whenever we are sleeping somewhere else, like at the cottage or at a hotel, my kids have a hard time falling asleep. My daughter is not a fan of the dark and always requires a night light.
I remember we use to own the cutest Cloud b Twilight Turtle for my son when he was a smaller and sadly lost it during a trip. It was the best!
I now recently discovered Cloud b’s newest cute item to their sleep aid collection, Dream Buddies, which has proven very helpful when bedtime comes around for both my children, ages 7 and 3!

Dream Buddies are compact, ultra-plush pals that help ease children’s fear of the dark by projecting a starry night sky onto ceilings and walls. From blue to green to amber, the slowly morphing colours will mesmerize your little ones and lull them into deep, sweet sleep. Dream Buddies are the perfect calming companions that your tiny tots can tote with them wherever they go. With multiple characters to choose from, your little ones can collect them all!

Cuddly companion projects a starry night sky

  • Eases fear of the dark
  • Projects an actual star constellation, the Big Dipper

Perfect for on the go

    • Compact seven-inch size is ideal for taking anywhere and everywhere
    • Helps to ease bedtime anxiety in an unfamiliar environment

Light timer and features

      • 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness during child’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
      • Projects in three calming colors: blue, green and amber, and the option to cycle through all three colors automatically
      • 2 AAA batteries included

They come in three different adorable animals: Bunny, Sheep and Lab.  I got the Bunny and Sheep and my kids absolutely adore them.  They are easy to cuddle and the LED star lights are nice and bright in darkness and extremely soothing.  

DSC_6522 copy DSC_6524 copy

By simply pressing on their hand, the stars begin to illuminate, changing colours automatically, and this lasts up to 45 minutes before it turns off on its own.

DSC_6517 copy

I just love that they include the batteries in the already which is a plus!

DSC_6514 copy

The Dream Buddies are available for all ages at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada // MSRP: $29.99

And to add to this cuteness, if you, err, your little ones, love Panda’s, help disguise city noises and create a relaxing atmosphere, with another new pal, the Peaceful Panda!  

Peaceful Panda - Sound Box

The Peaceful Panda plays soothing melodies and music to help drift your little one off to sleep and  easily attaches to the crib or bed with Velcro strap.


  • Best for infants
  • Plays 8 peaceful sounds
  • Velcro strap for easy attachment to crib or bed
  • Auto shut-off in 23 or 45 minutes
  • Storybook and adoption certificate included 
  • 2 AA batteries included

Available at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada // MSRP: $42.99

To learn more, visit Cloud b online at

Here’s to pleasant dreams!

Disclosure: Product samples and or compensation were provided to conduct this review; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

10 Comments on Sweet Dreams Under A Starry Night with Cloud b

  1. This toy is a great idea because lots of children have trouble falling asleep. This would really help them feel calm and relaxed.

  2. Dream Buddies sound like the perfect idea for my little grandson. He’ll soon be sleeping in his big boy room and I think he’s take great comfort in having one by his side. I like the adorable Peaceful Panda. Great review. Many thanks!

  3. I love these new cloud b buddies, they are all so adorable, and I would love to have some here for when the grandkids spend the night, they sure would calm them!

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