Coach celebrates its 75th Anniversary with the launch of the new Coach fragrance

The ultimate accessory this Fall/Winter, embodying the values and heritage of the iconic American luxury brand, Coach recently launched its newest fragrance this past September, Coach eau de parfum.


Rooted in the cool, urban atmosphere of New York City, it is a spirited, sensual scent that symbolizes a resolutely contemporary, independent woman, a modern classic.

Coach has been a staple luxe brand in my wardrobe closet for many years.  I still remember when I purchased my very first coach bag during my first year starting my new career coming out of college.  The feel of that rich leather patina… to this day, it still looks beautiful, growing more appealing with age.  
This fragrance, to me, symbolizes that.  It signifies growth and maturity with a modern, cool merge.  Timeless, just like the brand’s leather creations and much like the woman that wears it — contemporary with classic sensibilities.

The Perfume

Coach eau de parfum is a floriental fruity fragrance; the spicy and floral edge makes it suitable for all seasons and it’s not overbearing to the senses so it can be worn in the office with no issues.  It’s very feminine  with more of a powdery, soft floral essence.  For me, it does not last very long (perhaps 6-8 hours max), but I do find the scent just gets more prettier as the hours pass (does that make sense?).  


The Bottle

The bottle perfectly captures the aura – feminine, and sensual.  A heavy glass oval is emblematic of the Coach brand.  Its spray cap is shaped like gold turncock imitating the iconic clasp of Coach’s most famous bags.  The brands distinctive hashtag in ebony leather and gilt metal is a luxurious finishing touch, while the horse and carriage logo, an enduring symbol of Coach craftsmanship, is subtly engraved into the glass.



Coach Eau de Parfum is available at Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, Jean Coutu and Murale
50ml – $90.00 | 90ml – $115.00

22 comments on “Celebrating 75 Years with New Coach eau de Parfum #Coachthefragrance”

  1. It looks interesting and though it doesn’t sound like it could be in my taste, I’m curious to smell it, because I think I know someone who could be a perfect fit.

  2. Ohhh, I love Coach but didn’t know they had fragrance! I actually prefer perfume that doesn’t last too long so I’m definitely going to give this one a try.

  3. WOWZERS! that bottle looks fancy! I love it. I actually do not own a bottle of designer perfume or that that is a little on the pricy side. But I believe it is something every woman should have. For me it would be used for special nights like date night 🙂

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