With the help of technology, we are now, more than ever, able to stay connected to the people and the things that matter most in our lives.  Either through our phones, computers and even our accessories!  

As parents, one way we like to stay connected with our children is through play.  We also want to make sure our children’s tech devices haven’t completely overtaken their enthusiasm for physical play and that they are actually learning something in the process.

My children love their iPad’s.  They use it for school homework, to Skype with their grandparents and cousins, to play apps/games and listen to music.  However, we want to ensure we are properly and efficiently monitoring their iPad usage.  From many conversations I’ve had with other parents, it is MUCH easier said than done.  As kids get older and enter their tween’s and teen’s, sometimes it can be a little more tough to keep track.  

A huge help for me has been Telus Wise, an trusted source to help keep my family safe online, with free online access to tons of articles and tips, learning tools and even virtual sessions.  Check out their Parenting in a Digital World Hub here as an example.  So much available to read and access, for both you and your child.  Keeping your children safe and smart about their online activities and digital footprint starts in the home.

As we enter the March break, the thought of my children home for an entire week has me scrambling for ways to keep them entertained.  Don’t knock the iPad’s so easily!  Discovering that my children can still use their iPad’s in ways that will get them off their feet, getting creative, learning and having fun is proving to be extremely advantageous!  

Telus, prominent for cellular devices and impeccable service, has once again blown me away with their offerings at their Telus Concept Store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.  A high-tech playground, is what I call it.  You can literally find almost anything you need for your family’s tech life and that includes connected play toys and accessories.

A few products that stuck out to us the most that I find perfect for keeping the kids happily entertained for many hours are:

  1. Osmo Starter Kit ($99.99)
  2. Sphero BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid ($179.99)
  3. Crayola Easy Animation Studio ($24.99)

All products are available at the Telus Concept Store and what I love is that you are able to actually try them out and/or ask as many questions as you like with a seasoned Telus rep before purchasing. 

The Osmo Starter Kit has easily become one of our absolute FAVOURITES!  My son, who is four and extremely picky with his games losing interest quite quickly, requests to play this every day.  This mom is more than impressed and elated that my children are not only enjoying themselves but engaging and developing their visual, spatial, vocabulary and creative engineering skills.

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays. Crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, a ground­breaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms. Osmo’s groundbreaking system fosters social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad to the endless possibilities of physical play.

My four year old was able to catch onto Tangram easily (using the Junior option and then gradually getting more comfortable with the regular levels).  He also enjoys the Newton game with some assistance and drawing with Masterpiece.  For the most part, I find these games more appropriate for ages 5+.  

For kids of ALL ages, the Sphero BB-8 Droid is a must.  Especially for Star Wars fanatics (like my husband and kids!).

Connect BB-8™ to the app and watch your Droid™ come to life. Drive BB-8 by sliding your finger on the driving pad, send him on patrol to investigate your surroundings, record and view holographic messages, and more. BB-8 droid is more than a toy – it’s your companion.

This is seriously the cutest little droid ever!  We found BB-8 very intuitive and we love how responsive it is.  The patrol feature was my favourite having little BB-8 wander around our space eyeballing it’s environment.  The little droid will brings fits of laughter and smiles, not to mention keep the family active and on their toes (or crawling around on their knees chasing it around!).

Last but not least, what child doesn’t like drawing or animation?  The Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio is an exhilarating expansion of the Color Alive line of interactive coloring products.

After downloading the free app, kids ages six and up simply hover their smartphone or tablet over the coloring page to import their character into the app. Then, they can configure the included mannequin in cool poses, snapping pictures of each new position. The kid’s character on the screen responds to the mannequin’s movements, resulting in a completely kid-created animated scene. The app works with iOS and Android devices; just check Crayola.com/AppCheck for specific device compatibility.

My kids had a kick out of this and was really excited to see the characters they coloured and created on their own come to life.  

Thanks to Telus, it’s easier for us to stay connected in more ways than we can ever imagine.  

How do you connect with your children?  Which one of these toys would be a huge hit in your home?  Did you know that Telus offered more than just mobile services & devices?

Courtesy of our friends at Telus, one of my readers will have a chance to win an Osmo Starter Kit (ARV $99)!  To enter, leave me a comment below telling me which one of these connected toys would be a huge hit in your home and also whether you knew that Telus offered more than just cellular service, devices and accessories.  

Open to Canadian residents only.  Ends March 25, 2017.

Telus Connected Play Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a Team Telus Advocate and product samples and/or compensation were provided to conduct a thorough review; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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  1. These are GREAT reviews! I really enjoy the quick videos too as much as my kids did because they’re not boring (as per my son) haha!
    My kids would love all of these as they all fall within the different age ranges. As an educator, Osmo is a wonderful tool that can be used at home and at school. I was meaning to get one for the kids but this definitely sold me!
    Thanks as always for the informative reviews.

    • I also knew Telus offered some other great tech products outside of mobile accessories but had no idea that there was so much available in their concept store. I have to visit soon but afraid I’d walk out broke. LOL!

  2. The Sphero BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid would be a big hit with my boys. I did not know that Telus offered more than just cellular service, devices and accessories.

  3. The OSMO starter kit would be a huge hit in my house. I love that it is fun however also educational.
    I had no idea that Telus sold this kind of stuff.

  4. Sphero BB 8 really interesting and neat technology here that I had NO IDEA telus offered. I appreciate the great information and video and will look forward to finding out more as I go.

  5. All of these items would be a hit in our home, especially the Crayola Easy Animation Studio! I never knew that Telus offered more than just cellular service, devices and accessories so thanks for introducing me to the extras. So Cool!

  6. I have a Tangram app on my pone and my kids love to play with it! I didn’t know that Telus offered other services but I’m going to definitely check it out.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  7. The Osmo kit would be my pick for my daughter to play and develop. Had no idea Telus offfered more than cell phone products.

  8. The Sphero BB-8 Droid would be a huge hit in my home. I didn’t know that Telus offered more than just cellular service, devices and accessories.

  9. My son would love all these toys for sure. But Sphero BB-8 Droid will be the hit because he is into Star Wars right now. And he loves robots.

  10. I didn’t know that telus had more than phones. Our family would love the words one because we all enjoy doing word puzzles and games.

  11. We would love BB 8 in our home. I will show hubby this info about Telus…I didn’t know they had these services.

  12. The Crayola Easy Animation Studio would be a hit here and no I was unaware that Telus offered more than just cellular service, devices and accessories.

  13. I only knew Telus as a cellular company. My grandson would love the Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio.

  14. The Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio would be a huge hit in our home. Sounds so awesome I may want to play with it too! No I didn’t know that Telus also had these kinds of toys as well.

  15. The Osmo starter kit, specifically the Words module, would be so helpful for my special needs son who is learning sight words & how to spell simple words. Plus he gravitates towards all things technology-based in his education program so this would be a hit!

  16. All of them would be a big hit in my house depending on what kid I was talking about (I have 5 sons). I think my youngest would really like the Osmo!

    • Oops…as a long time Telus customer, yes I knew they offered more than just service and cell phones and accessories!

  17. I think the Osmo system would be great, looks like a great learning tool. Would be perfect for my nephew, I can see him liking this.

  18. Sphero BB 8 would be a huge hit in your home and yes i knew that Telus offered more than just cellular service, devices and accessories.Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. My daughter would really love the Osmo kit. We love Telus in our house, they are so much more than a service provider!

  20. Wow the Sphero BB 8 would be a hit in my home, looks pretty awesome! I actually didn’t know what services telus offered aside from cell service, good to know 🙂

  21. My son would love the Osmo starter kit! We have always known how awesome Telus is! We have them as our cell, home phone, internet and TV provider!

  22. These all sound like so much fun! I think Sphero BB-8 Droid would be a huge hit with my family. We have a few other Sphero toys and love them! I have been a telus customer for 15 years but didn’t realize they had so many fun items available!

  23. I think the BB-8 droid would be a HUGE hit in my home – my son has been talking about it for age! I had no idea Telus offered services like this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. We already have the animation studio. My little guy had asked for it one Christmas. For us the Osmo would definitely be the best for us! Kids would love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

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