A fur-nomenal new addition has recently been welcomed in my home, okay two actually — our new little pet dutch rabbit, Percy, and my new cleaning buddy, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro!

We adopted our Percy (short for Perseus – the previous owner thought Percy was a male at first, but we kept the name because we loved it!) this summer from a very busy University student and fell head over heels in love.  She is the sweetest and smartest little bunny and is just the perfect little addition to our family.  We learned many new things being new rabbit owners and one thing we discovered was that they go through something called “moulting cycles”.  Moulting is when a rabbit looses its coat (shedding) and grows a new coat, This is also known as “blowing their coat”. A molt can last from 2 to 6 weeks, or more, it varies from rabbit to rabbit and from breed to breed.  

Along with moulting cycles, rabbits also shed every three months. Every other time they will have a light moult that may not even be noticeable. Then the seasonal molts, Which are the heaviest molts are generally at the end of the winter season their winter coat is fully grown and no longer needed for protection. This is the heaviest of the molts. The next heaviest is at the end of summer or in early fall. Their summer coat molts away to bring in the prime thick winter pelt.

For pet owners, fur on carpets, furniture and even your own clothing can be a bit more challenging to remove with your average vacuum.  We learned this the hard way before we received our new Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro to review.  My big concern was the family and our little Percy breathing in all that fur!  

Vacuum and Wash at the Same Time With CrossWave® Pet Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner!

The BISSELL® CrossWave® Pet Pro is a revolutionary, all-in-one, multi-surface cleaning system that vacuums and washes floors at the same time. With a Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll rotating at 3,000 RPM and an innovative, multi-surface pet cleaning solution, the CrossWave® Pet Pro cleans better than a sponge mop and bucket, in less time.  It includes a Pet Hair Strainer for easy cleanup and specialized pet cleaning solution (trial 8 oz. size) to remove pet odours. Plus, with the touch of a button, you can seamlessly switch from cleaning hard floors to vacuuming and washing your area rugs, all with one machine.

Percy being curious about this new little friend.

Cutting right to the chase, YES this vacuum sucks up all that pesky fur and does it well.  We used it on Percy’s living quarters which included the carpet and surrounding hardwood floors.  It’s extremely easy to get up and running and not as heavy as it looked.

The most important and favoured features in this vacuum were:

  • Vacuum and wash floors at the same time — the Multi-surface pet cleaning formula smells pleasant and not irritating to our (and Percy’s) nose. Plus, it helps remove any pet odours that can linger in your space from your flooring.
  • Smart-touch controls on the handle allow you to easily switch between cleaning hard floors and area rugs and control your solution with an on-demand solution trigger

  • Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll is tangle free for hair up to 8 inches long, which helps minimize that annoying pet hair wrap (wasn’t that the worse to remove along with having to touch the dirty roll?)
  • Two-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate so you are always using clean water and formula mixture on your floors. 
  • Swivel Steering – really helped making maneuvering around furniture easy 

  • Hair Strainer – easy empty hair strainer that separates and traps pet hair 

  • Easy Clean Storage Tray – Easy Remove Brush Window and Removable Brush Roll allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can also store the brush on the tray while the machine is not being used.
Impressive how clean the brush was after use!

Along with the vacuum also comes a Quick Start Guide that I found super useful as it provided some pretty handy Tips & Tricks.

As much as we loved this vacuum, we did have a couple of cons:

  1. Sound – It’s not horribly loud at all and pretty much at par with newer, average vacuum sound levels but given it’s catered to pet-friendly homes, a quieter vacuum would have been a little more convenient (and less scary for our little furry family members).
  2. For carpets, there is a drying timeframe after using the cleaning formula which may be a problem for smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs.  For the wet areas, allow it to dry completely before allowing your smaller pets to roam in those areas.

The Bissell CrossWave® Pet Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner is available at Canadian Tire and retails for $349.99 with a 3-year limited warranty.

Learn more by visiting Bissell Canada online at canada.bissell.com.

Cleaner floors for pets — no ifs, ands or (bunny) but’s!

Disclosure: CAC received complimentary product for review purposes; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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