What does great customer care mean to you? And what defines excellent customer service?

Everyone has their individual notion on what makes for fantastic customer service.
For some, it can mean a company providing their customers with loyalty programs and special offers. For others, it can be how engaging, social and responsive this brand is with their customers/audience on social media.

No matter how you view top-notch customer service, a brand needs it and it needs to be genuine to be distinguished.


Call me a critical diva, but here’s why I expect more from companies these days.

In such a digitally connected world we live in, it’s easy for brands to build up a façade of amazing.
Simply reply to a few tweets, offer some fantastic specials for your fans, perhaps throw in a couple of fun giveaways and voilá!
But if you look closer, it’s an illusion. In the end, it’s all about them.
They care a lot more about how many followers they have and less on the ones they already do. They want more of your business but not willing to put in more work — to not just listen to your needs and concerns, but actually work on bringing those changes to fruition.
They are much too focused on squashing their competition, than they are actually working on making themselves better and perhaps even learning some pointers from them.
I always say a sign of intelligence (whether you’re a company or person) is looking to continuously improve and being a constant student.

TELUS, is one of the only brands that can admit to being imperfect and that don’t mind sharing the spotlight with other companies that can model what excellent customer service is with their #expectmore campaign. To learn more about TELUS and how they are putting customers first, check out http://www.telus.com/expectmore.

They want to learn and improve, and know that in order to do that, they need to listen intuitively and compassionately to their customers and other businesses out there that prove what great customer service truly is.

Another trait of exceptional customer service is TRUST.

One example I have is with a tech accessory brand, Moshi, whom I’ve recently come in contact with regarding an issue I had with one of their products I own and use often.
It was actually a gift (cellphone cover case) so I didn’t have a receipt of purchase.

Less than a month after using, I noticed that it started to completely fall apart. I get that sometimes you can grab a lemon, and this is unfortunately what I had.

So I got in touch with customer service, and received an extremely prompt (personal not
robotic) response email asking for more details on the issue including my proof of purchase to move forward in rectifying the issue.
Before I go on, can I just say how refreshing it is to receive personal customer service emails as opposed to automated ones? I enjoy talking to a real person, thank you very much!

Oh no! I didn’t have a receipt. So, what now?

I emailed back letting them know it was a gift and providing photos of the damage on my case along with my assurance that I’ve only had it for less than a month.

Now this case isn’t cheap. So a replacement without a receipt and only photos and my personal declaration may not be favourable and good enough, and I totally understood that.
But to my dismay, they processed my replacement order promptly and advised it was on its way. Just like that. Wow.

I know this can’t be feasible for some small businesses, because products take time and money to create and they just don’t have the means to replace every product that comes to them, let alone ones that don’t even have a proof of purchase, so I was more than impressed.
What it comes down to is the fact that they did it anyway, and they did it because they TRUSTED my word and wanted to make things better and establish the start of a great relationship.  So now, when I get compliments on my case and people asking me where I got it or for recommendations on where to purchase new tech accessories, guess who’s getting the glowing endorsement?  

On top of their personal emails and considerate replacement, the replacement order came in very quickly in a couple of days and they also followed up to ensure it was received by me.

In all honesty, I’ve only learned of this humble and innovative brand recently when I received one of their products as a gift, and aside from me loving their product line, I’ve become a forever fan simply because of their customer service.

The perfect customer service synthesis is so simple.
And it’s just like what we expect from friends, family, colleagues, etc.

It’s Reliability, Consistency, Loyalty, Appreciation and TRUST.

Have you ever come across phenomenal customer service recently? Tell me about it! I’d love to hear. It’s always good to know which companies I should file under my AWESOME CS file.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with TELUS as part of their #expectmore campaign; however, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely those of the author.

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  1. I received a little flyer from telus saying how bad their customer service was. I read the thing twice to make sure I had read it right. Good for them for figuring it out.
    My biggest thing is if I have a problem. I’d like it to be fixed quickly and politely.

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