As I write this, I gaze at my sleeping 2.5 year old daughter. Sleeping peacefully next to me, cheeks rosy, while grasping her favourite blankie.

My heart hurts and I am physically feeling sick. All day little Yue Yue has been on my mind.
As if she was my very own child.

I will not post any photographs, nor will I post the video (which I feel strongly should not continue to be shown publicly anymore). If you would like to read more about this travesty and heartbreaking story, please click here.

Dear China I want to cry.
You left a beautiful baby girl to die
She was in the street & was hit by a truck. 
Not only once but twice she was struck.

Dear China I want to cry, when I 
Hear how most of you just walked by
How could anything in the world be more pressing?
Than an injured child, for a child is a blessing.

Dear China I want to cry
For that one brave woman, who pulled her aside.
She called for help, pleaded and implored
But all her cries you ignored

Dear China I want to cry
I can’t understand & want to know why
I watched Darling Yueyue, so fragile and small
As her mother held her she was like a rag doll

Dear China I want to cry 
I seen the photo’s with my own eyes
Your people need to be set free 
Of pathetic laws and your decree’s

Dear China I want to cry
For darling Yueyue, you all walked by.
This baby girl who is only two.
I wonder would it be different if it was any of you?

Dear Darling Yueyue
You are only two. 
If I had a magic wish it would be 
That you would live to one hundred and three.

Darling, Darling Yueyue…

Words cannot describe my disbelief, my anger, my outrage. This is no way for anyone, especially a baby (she’s TWO!) to leave this earth. I hope that those that allowed themselves to walk by her helpless body and especially those that were driving the vehicles that hit her be haunted with this forever. You may think I’m cruel to say that but what is my cruelty in compared to theirs? 
How can any human being, anyone with a soul, a beating heart see this and ignore it?
Had I been there, I would have rushed to her aid like a speeding bullet, wrap her warmly in my arms and literally run myself to the hospital. I really would.

Praying that God will do one of two things: Breathe life and health back to her body or take her in his arms and carry her home. A place where there is no more pain and suffering forever. 

My thoughts and prayers to little darling Yue Yue and those that love her dearly. 

As Wednesday morning, there was a huge question mark over whether or not Yue Yue would live. 
Earlier in the week, there were reports that she was trying to breath unaided and had feeling in her arms, although she remains in a coma. Today’s news appears to indicate that she may now be clinically ‘brain dead’ and her parents may have to decide on whether or not to switch off the life support. This has yet to be confirmed. Read more about this here.


**Lastest Update**
As of Thursday morn, Darling YueYue has passed away.
My heart settles knowing that at least she can now rest her precious little soul in peace with no more pain.
Never has a stranger opened my heart and affected me like little YueYue.
Please let’s all look out for one another.


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  1. I feel so sad when I 1st read about Yue Yue. I’ve been crying for Yue Yue for a week now and I dont think I’ll get over it. Im glad that she has not died in vain, she has changed many of us. I have a 2 yr old son and everytime I look at him, I think of Yue Yue. We have to look out for one another. I dont ever want to see another Yue Yue.

  2. The first time I saw the footage, I cried and cried, I have two baby girls, all I can think of them, what if it was my baby? My God what has this world become, this world is so cold..I too felt so different after seeing that and her passing touched me so much for those days I felt like she was my child as well as others felt. RIP little baby girl you have touched so many and mind..Love you YueYue

  3. I’m so saddened by the news of YueYue’s passing.
    My hopes and prayers are that her story will bring forth plenty of changes in China as well as in the hearts of all mankind. You don’t have to be a parent to feel this pain. It’s excruciating.
    Thank you Patty for the lovely poem. It was the most beautiful I’ve seen.
    Rest in Peace, darling YueYue.
    – Carol

  4. Thanks for sharing my poem. Sadly I have changed it a little due to her passing away. I hope something can be learned from this terrible tragedy and the laws in China will change so more people feel safe enough to intervene and help their own people.

    Pampered Patty

  5. I came to pass by it on Fb,at first i thought it was an animal but when i saw it clearly i called my husband and watch it…It was horrible,,beyond words to describe what i have felt then…my baby girl is 6 yrs. old but still not letting her go by herself alone…me and my family pray that little YueYue can now rest and let her pain swift away like the wind that blows in the mountain…and for those freaking people who just let her like that…may God Bless your soul and may you sleep at night peacefully….Bless you Yueyue.>> 🙁 <<

  6. I can’t stop crying. I keep checking for updates and even though I read somewhere that she is now brain dead, I am hoping that it is not true. The agony the mother and father must feel. That poor angel was lying there alone in pain and no one to help her…I don’t understand how this is affecting me so much. I am overwhelmed with emotions. I feel as though something broke inside me…I pray that she wakes up, I pray that her mother can spoil her, Her brother can play with her. Just seeing that video of her baby walk and getting hit. I can’t sleep. I can’t get it out of my head. I keep praying and praying…My 2 little babies are sleeping and I pray that YueYue can go back and sleep in her bed…please God…

  7. I wish I hadn’t seen the clip of poor Yue Yue. I’m the father of an 18 month boy and I feel so upset seeing how others could treat another person, let alone a gorgeous carefree baby girl who wobbled onto the road not knowing what lay ahead. I can’t believe that so many people could be so heartless and cruel to ignore the little angel. I’m praying for a miracle with all my soul for Yue Yue to recover.

  8. I wish everything you wish.
    I pray everyday for all this and also for peace in my heart as well. This event has changed something in me.
    Until I hear more true details on her condition, I don’t think I will have peace in my heart. Corner of my mind always.

  9. It has been two days since I have seen the video of poor YueYue’s tragedy, and I have been haunted ever since. I feel debilitated from crying and have been constantly praying for her. I just hope that God will have mercy on her soul, and open the hearts the souls of all the apathetic passerby who left her to die. I pray for the serious decline of morality and ethics in China, and all across the globe. I really have lost faith in my people, and in humanity, and only God can heal this brokenness.

  10. Something has changed in me forever as well, Anna. And I think as much as this is a horrible event, darling YueYue has etched something into our society, our world. Reminding us of what love, sympathy, empathy, compassion, HEART means again.

    Thank you.

  11. It was so comforting to read this as I feel just the same. I too have a 2 and a half year old little girl and I struggled to drop her at nursery today. I keep bursting into tears and touching her beautiful face….. My heart hurts so badly and I cant function properly for the pain and the images burnt into my mind. I think something has changed inside me for ever 🙁 xxx

  12. If only there was a magical way that you can “unsee” something that you don’t want to remember.
    What’s even more unfortunate is that these type of incidents have happened & continue to happen all over the world, just so happens this was caught on tape. And what makes it just so heart-breaking is that it had to be a baby. :'( Without knowing her prognosis at this time is even more terrible.
    And I agree, I also hate this cold world we live in. It’s no wonder I’ve become such a rock when it comes to those that are not in my close circle. It’s been hard to trust and accept everyone around me for that reason — the decline of compassion and mankind.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  13. There are some things you just can’t “unsee” and this will be forever burned in my mind. I feel absolute anguish over precious baby girl, just as if she were my own. I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind for three days now. I hate this dark, cold world we live in. I really do.

  14. I can’t stop crying either. I have 2 little boys and it is killing me. I can’t sleep I can’t eat. It really is as if she is mine…I don’t understand how people walked by this 2 year old BABY and oh my god…I can’t stop crying…

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