The one thing I will certainly NOT miss about my kids being so small are the diapers.

Ah yes, diapers and I have a very solid love and hate relationship. But not as much as my husband. He is what we all call the M.Dc – Master in Diaper Changing.

He handles most of the stinkiest, grossest, explosive diaper changes and for good reason… because he has simply exceeded the art of the perfect diaper change. That and my son has legs as strong and nimble as that of David Beckham during an intense soccer game and absolutely hates diaper changes.
As strong as I am… the dirty diapers are for daddy!


Thankfully we are living in the new generation of parenting where the fathers play a big role when it comes to all the duties of parenting. Dirty diapers included.
In fact, if you haven’t noticed most of the diaper commercials these days are predominantly featuring dads. Go figure!
Trust me, there is a huge difference in generations when it comes to simple effortless uncomplicated duties such as diaper changing. I know because I’ve observed my own father, uncles, etc. and if you were to even ask them to do it, they would look at you as if you’ve gone batty. 

So I’ve gathered some tricks of the trade from Diaper Daddy, M.Dc to share with other Diaper Daddies that may be just a bit new to the whole new world of Poopies or just need a little bit of a refresher.

  1. Make sure you are armed and ready with all of the appropriate ammunition within an arm’s reach in the battle zone: Extra Diapers, Water Squirt Bottles (like the ones they give to your wives after giving birth – those are awesome! Or a small water nerf gun will suffice), Baby Wipes (Sensitive & unscented is always the way to go in case of skin sensitivities), Baby Powder and Corn Starch (Corn Starch for more sensitive skin or those with diaper rash), Vaseline in case of rashes or dryness, a face mask if you need it.
  2. Before you remove the dirty diaper, open up the new one and slide it ready underneath the baby in case of any spill overs and also to make things a lot quicker (I swear by this!)
  3. If Baby has a rash, avoid baby wipes and baby powder at all. Use water to clean, air dry for as long as possible (baby will enjoy being in the nude as well), corn starch mixed with equal parts vaseline is my magic potion – apply liberally all over the rash. More serious rashes – consult with your doctor. You may also want to keep track of what baby has been eating to check for allergies and what sparks rashes.
  4. Have a toy (or in our case a phone playing The Wiggles) handy to occupy your baby if your singing or talking isn’t enough and bores the crap out of them (sometimes literally.
  5. Diaper Genies are a must in your change room. If you don’t have one, I recommend you jump on and quick. If you didn’t already know either, they also have carbon filters now. You’re welcome.
  6. Last but not least, and probably one of the most important tips: BE CALM.  They can sniff fear while you’re busy sniffing other things.

What are some of your own tips and tales from the change room? Do share!

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7 Comments on Diaper-Changing Tips from the Diaper Daddy, M.Dc

  1. We had a “change table toy” that was attached to the able so that the baby could play with it while we were changing their diaper. It was a great distraction to keep them occupied.

  2. great article, I still know a few men who refuse to change a diaper (big babies), loved the pictures, got a little chuckle out of it

  3. I am so lucky my husband is a diaper changer! Sometimes I can’t even believe what his poop looks and smells like! My husband says the biggest tip is to make sure wipes are close by because you never know what’s inside!

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