To Dip or not to Dip? That is the question.
And usually the answer is quite simple for me on a regular occasion — you dip, you always dip. And you dip a lot.
Clearly I love my dips, but Pringles just amped things up in the chip game and having me battle one of the hardest decisions to date (in this chip-related game that is): Do I Dip ‘Em or Don’t Dip ‘Em?

Available in three taste bud-tingling flavours — Original, Nacho Cheese and Zesty Ranch — new Pringles Tortilla Chips are so good dipping is optional. You dip ‘em or you don’t. Just like their classic predecessors, Pringles Tortilla Chips feature the iconic curved Pringles shape and are neatly stacked in everyone’s favourite can. The difference is hearty corn, instead of potato and a thicker cut chip making it easier than ever to dive into a bowl of your favourite dip… or not.

Pringles Tortilla Chips – Original
So you’re hosting a party and the guacamole runs out. Do you start apologizing and send someone running to the store? Nope! You’re serving Pringles Tortilla Chips. Party saved.
Pringles Tortilla Chips – Nacho Cheese
Nacho dip is a party staple. And while it’s pretty great, sometimes you’re in the mood to go dipless. Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortilla Chips taste so amazing, even without dip, they’re a mega hit.
Pringles Tortilla Chips – Zesty Ranch
Here’s the thing about adding a bit of zest to ranch flavour – it makes everything zestier. A little turquoise on a belt buckle? Bam! Nice! A little spice in your Pringles Tortilla Chips? Awesome – whether you dip ’em or you don’t.

Pringles Tortilla Chips is keen to amp up the fun and get the party started by asking Canadians to weigh in on the world’s first and only Great #PringlesDIPbate. Together with TV host Matt Phillips (@mattphilipstv), Pringles is challenging the nation to pick a side and share if they dip ‘em or don’t dip ‘em.

From September 1st to 14th, Matt and his friends are taking it to the streets of Toronto to ask Mayoral candidates and voters if they prefer their tortilla chips with dip or without. They’ll visit Toronto hot spots, public spaces and happenings from Steeles Ave to Lake Ontario to give them an opportunity to weigh in. If you see Matt on the street, don’t be shy, say hello and let him know where you stand on the Great #PringlesDIPbate. Keep on top of the campaign trail, never miss a beat, follow along and join in on Twitter and Facebook using #PringlesDIPbate.

Now it’s time for you to join in and pick a side in the world’s first and only Great #PringlesDIPbate.
So give them a try and decide — do you dip ‘em or not?


I would love to give two of my readers the chance to try out new Pringles Tortilla Chips and weigh in on the Great #PringlesDIPbate with this fun #PringlesDIPbate Tortilla Prize Pack!

The giveaway includes one of each new kind of Pringles Tortilla chips (Original, Nacho Cheese and Zesty Ranch) as well as a Vintage Pringles t-shirt.

To enter, leave me a comment below telling me if Do you Dip ‘Em or Don’t Dip ‘Em? Also which of the 3 flavours you like best!
Additional entries via rafflecopter.

Open to Canadian Residents only. Contest ends September 19, 2014.

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84 Comments on Dip ‘Em or Don’t Dip ‘Em? The Great #PringlesDIPbate + Giveaway

  1. I would totally dip them in homemade spicy salsa. The flavour that I would totally devour first is the nacho cheese as I love anything cheese flavoured.

  2. Pringles are one of the few chips i never dip, but i’m deffinitely going to try dipping some of these new ones!! The nacho cheese sound most delicious to me!

  3. I’d love to try the Nacho Cheese ones first, no dip…I think they’d be delicious on their own, then I might give them a try dipping…

  4. I am happy either way, I’ll dip if I have any dip around and if not I’ll still be happy and I would love to try the Pringles Nacho Cheese they look so good!!

  5. the only one I would dip is the original, nacho cheese is fine on it’s own… ranch… well .. I’d skip the ranch 🙂

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