Seldom do I come across a craft idea that is just so genius that it would be a crime not to share with all my readers. Thanks to Pinterest and Cleverly Inspired’s Blog, I was delighted to come across these DIY Christmas Displays made out of Wine Bottles!
Ummm…. that’s a major SCORE for me! Ty and I are wine-o’s and have so many empty bottles lying around with no use.
Sometimes Craft ideas are clever but not all that cute, this is an exception. This idea is perfect for the upcoming holidays and super lovely! Your guests will rave and ask you where you purchased these gorgeous Display Bottles from.
It’s up to you if you want to let them in on the secret. Shhh!

The story of 3 wine bottles…..that just wanted to be pretty….
Ahhh…aren’t they pretty now…’s what I did….

I gathered 3 bottles…1 was a bit taller than the other 2…

Sprayed a coat of primer on them…

Let them dry and got out the Epsom salt (found in the drug section area near first aid..) what can I say…I like to think outside the box! About $2 for the box!

Spray the bottles with some craft bond spray adhesive.

Roll the tacky bottle in some Epsom salt…

kind of looks like snow?? maybe??

I placed the bottles on a silver platter that I had on hand…I also spread some extra Epsom salt around the tray. 
 I placed a few small silver balls along with 3 votive. Inside the wine bottles I stuck in some silver pics from Michael’s. I was thinking of tall candles…that would also work too…but I liked this look a but more.

I only spent money on the Epsom salt and the silver pics…not bad really

6 Comments on DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Display

  1. Love these, but concerned that the salt will break free in storage or when I ship a set to my sis for as a gift. Does that happen?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing…… just so pretty , did this with a large mason jar and made a vase. love it

  3. That is so cool. Today I emptied two olive oil bottles and was thinking that I’d have to give this a try on them. After I get that label off.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Oh, yes, Totally green crafts brought me here.

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