The world of air mattresses have come a very long way since the 80’s.
I still have visions of losing my breath and taking breaks  in between blowing up meager air mattresses during camping trips and let’s not forget the air mattresses you’d be lucky enough to score during sleepovers at friends or family members homes when there wasn’t an available bed or couch left. Oh, the joy! (Insert sarcasm)
So you can imagine why my idea of air mattresses, no matter how thick and durable they looked to me, had me rubbing my back in harrowing recollection.

I do a lot of entertaining in my home; and usually have family and friends spending the night — especially my parents and in-laws. We only have 3 bedrooms in our home — one master with a Queen, one for Ava with a single bed and the 3rd is basically an office and “storage area” for now with little to no room to fit in a futon.
We’ve got our couch in the living room and a futon in the finished basement/rec room; however they are still not ideal for a restful nights sleep.

I was introduced to Coleman Canada’s line of AeroBed®’s and was instantly attracted to the AeroBed® Sleigh Bed with Pillow Top and Footboard. The fact that it gave the illusion of a real bed and mattress intrigued me.

Here are the key features of the AeroBed® Sleigh Bed with Pillow Top and Footboard:

  • Headboard and footboard keeps blankets and pillows in place like a regular bed
  • Comfortable added pillow top for an extra-soft feel
  • Horizontal air channels cradle and support body
  • Queen size, double high airbed – fits standard queen size sheets
  • Built-in AC pump for fast inflation with control wand
  • Whoosh™ Valve for fast deflation and easy storage
  • Electric pump included
  • Take it anywhere, store it anywhere in the convenient carry bag
  • Inflated dimensions: 198 x 52 x 46 cm
  • 2 year industry-leading limited pump warranty

Thanksgiving was approaching which I found to be the perfect opportunity to test it out having visitors over and staying the night.
Christmas is just around the corner too so this AeroBed® Sleigh Bed with Pillow Top and Footboard is going to be such a lifesaver!

All the instructions were easy to read and pretty much fool-proof. Quick and easy – just the way I like it!
The AeroBed® deflated was still quite weighty but it was small enough to fit into a closet afterwards with a bag for storage which is great for convenience.
On the side of the AeroBed® were instructions for inflating and deflating and the built-in AC pump for fast inflation.

It took literally 1 minute and 30 seconds for it to inflate to full size. Wow! That’s quick!


Aside from it being a bit loud on the ears during inflation, I loved how quick it was to inflate and on top of that you can never over-inflate the AeroBed®! It stops pushing air into it once it’s reached its peak.
Fantastic, huh?

And if that wasn’t good enough, just wait until you lie down on it!
With the comfortable added pillow top for an extra-soft feel and horizontal air channels cradling and supporting your body, it truly feels like you’re sleeping on your own mattress/bed.
Imaging taking this camping? Bringing the word “glamping” to a whole ‘nother level!
Ideally, this is perfect for the guests in your home or even the cottage for extra beds — even perfect for college students in their dorms! I’ve slept on one of those sad excuse of a bed in college dorms and this is WAY more comfortable!

We kept AeroBed® inflated and put to good use over the entire Thanksgiving weekend (3 days) and although they guaranteed up to a week before it starts to lose some air and deflate slightly on it’s own, I found the corners of the mattress were already losing air after the 3rd day.
Do keep in mind, it was used excessively for those 3 days with an adult and small child sleeping on it.

Overall, I am very impressed with the AeroBed® Sleigh Bed with Pillow Top and Footboard as an additional “bed” and would have no problems having my guests sleeping on it. They would probably thank me in the morning for such a relaxed nights sleep on the AeroBed®!

If you are looking for a solution for additional space and bedding to sleep in your home or for the cottage, I highly recommend the AeroBed® Sleigh Bed with Pillow Top and Footboard!

The AeroBed® Sleigh Bed with Pillow Top and Footboard is available at Target; MSRP:$249.99.

Disclosure: I received full sample for an honest and thorough review of this product; however all opinions expressed are my very own.

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  1. We are always hosting guests from overseas and end up giving up our beds to them! This air mattress seems perfect for us or even guests! It looks luxurious, comfortable and easy to use! cheers

  2. WOW! This actually looks really comfy! Compared to other air mattresses where the mattress looks like a meteor hit it and they’re so uncomfortable. We have an air mattress but it’s nothing like this and we’ve been discussing investing in a better on lately so this may just be it!

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