Canadians know that when it comes to Donuts, Tim Hortons is the place to indulge with their favourite cup of coffee.
Over the past few years they have been getting more and more innovative with their menu selection, especially with the help of none other than their biggest fans — all of you!
Tims Duelling Donuts is back this year and giving you the opportunity to create your own delicious donut concoction online for a chance to win daily draws of $50 Tim Hortons Gift Cards or the grand prize of $10,000 plus serious bragging rights, of course.

This year, it’s about family!
Have a family recipe that could inspire Canada’s next great Tims donut?
Step inside the Tim Hortons online kitchen and whip up a donut that will win over their celebrity judges.
This year, the top two donuts will be sold at Tims and Canada’s top donut will rise and win $10,000*.
To learn more and build your very own family recipe duelling donut until July 21, 2015, visit them here.

And your summer is going to get a whole lot “sweeter”!


Last years Duelling Donuts winner Jennifer Brown from Glencoe, Ontario, The Love Reese’s to Pieces, a chocolate doughnut with a custard filling, chocolate fondant topping and topped with peanuts and mini Reese Peanut Butter cups, will be available for limited time starting July 15!


I had the pleasure of taste-testing this donut along with the other finalists last year before it won and I can attest to the yumminess!

Who else is excited for this?

9 Comments on There’s No Business Like Family Dough Business: Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts is back!

  1. Everytime I go into Tim’s The Love Reese’s to Pieces is sold out so I have not been able to try it yet 🙁

  2. So many possibilities of ideas, but I have no idea what I would put together honestly! Im interested to see what the contestants come up with this year 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post! I didn’t know this was back! I’m going to peruse some old family recipes later on and see if I don’t come up with some brilliant idea!

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