imageLet me start by saying (if you don’t already know), that I am a beauty junkie!  Ever since I was 5 years old, I remember watching my mom glam herself up during special occasions, and even just on regular days before heading to work, and sneaking a bit of her lipstick when she wasn’t around on myself.  Of course, the first few instances were a tad messy but I learned along the way. 🙂  

I definitely inherited my appreciation for cosmetics and beauty from my mother.  She taught me to be a bright and tenacious lady with elegance and that it’s okay to love embracing and amplifying your already beautiful looks.  She believed that makeup was a way to express yourself and enhance your naturally lovely features not change them.  And that has stuck with me forever. 

If you’re like me and often strapped for time however never wanting to compromise putting your best holiday face forward, then adding some quality beauty pieces to your makeup armory is an absolute must.

One cosmetics line that I have gushed over and over (and over) again on social media (and for good reason!) is Pur Cosmetics (previously referred to as Pur Minerals).

Their products are not only of amazing quality but they actually care for your skin at the same time.  Check out my review here of their CC Cushion Foundation!

To create a simple and easy holiday look using a few PUR Cosmetics favourites, you can rest assured your makeup will last hours during that holiday party, perfect for close-ups with friends and family and all those photo opp’s and still look flawless!

Products used for my PUR Cosmetics Holiday Look.

I forgot to include my CC Cushion Foundation which I use as my base in this photo.  It provide the flawless base I require.  I set this with probably my ULTIMATE beauty favourite of all time, PUR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation.

I have drier skin and this doesn’t dry out my skin or make it flaky like other pressed powders tend to do.  And it completely hides imperfections, including redness!  Amazing coverage, lightweight (doesn’t feel caked on) and built-in skincare.  My shade is a Golden-Medium; they’ve got a ton of skin colour options however it would be nice to see them with a bit more darker shades. Highly recommend the PUR Cosmetics Chisel Makeup Brush.  It makes application of the pressed powder so much more better!   The 3-D Method makes application so simple – Dip, Draw and Dust!

I’ve got a rounder face with cheeks that will never disappear (embrace the genetics!) so contouring and highlighting is important for me.  I love the Epic Illusion Contour Kit!  It offers two blush colours, two bronzer shades and two highlighters to help define and sculpt your face.


You’ll notice how defined my cheekbones and nose bride are in the photos below.  I did blend the contouring a bit more followed with setting powder after the photos were taken to completely blend everything well.

How do I contour and highlight?

Suck in your cheeks and then add contour to the shadows (below the cheekbones), also add contour to bridge of nose, around the edges of my forehead and around my jawbone.
Highlight is applied on the bridge of my nose, above my eyebrows, upper cheekbones, below the contour under the cheekbones and between lips and nose, right on the philtrum (the two midline grooves that run from the top of the lip to the nose) to the connecting lip line, which helps with making your lips appear a little fuller!
Remember: Contour responsibly! 😉
Blend, blend and blend! I recommend you blend in good lighting so you can see better.
Finish with blush on the apples of your cheeks and some highlighter to the upper outer cheekbones.

Two new products I was recently introduced to and now enamored with is the Eye Polish Pure Pigment Eye Primer + Top Coat (I’m wearing the Eye Polish in Suede mixed with some Cream and Gold eyeshadow from Annabelle Cosmetics’ Chai Quad).  I applied the Eye Polish first as a base, then the cream and gold eyeshadow closer to the front of the eyes blending towards the middle finishing with a bit more of the Suede Eye Polish at the ends of the eyes for a smokey eye effect.  This is such a gorgeous colour and fantastic product! It’s basically an All-in-one formula which acts as a metallic cream shadow and eye shadow primer for more vivid, long-lasting colour. It’s light-reflecting and minimizes smudging and creasing. Perfect for those long days and holiday parties!


I added the PUR Cosmetics Double Ego Dual Ended Eyeliner in Milan (inky black) using the dry mineral tip to add some smokiness to the tips of my eyes.

Last but not least, the Lip Lure.  I’m wearing the Lip Lure colour in Fancy.  


I noticed it’s a bit darker than what’s show here (but maybe that’s just on my lips/skin?).  But equally beautiful!  I found this shade to be more on a lighter plum.  I love how richly saturated the pigments are in this one.  And with the built-in hydrators, it will keep your lips looking supple (and not dry in this Winter weather!). It’s a beauty!

I’m sure you’ll love these products as much as I do!  They’ll have you applying makeup (and looking) like a professional makeup artist!  And most importantly, you’ll be holiday party ready in no time!  


I didn’t finish blending my contour here yet. You’ll notice under my cheekbones.



9 Comments on Easy Holiday Glam with Pur Cosmetics

    • Thanks, Cheryl! I must admit I’m not a professional makeup artist but that’s the great thing about these amazing makeup products — you don’t have to be! And it still turns out pretty decent. 🙂

  1. I love the eyes! Very pretty and the gold just adds a nice holiday touch. The eye polish looks like a really great product. Thanks for the tips with contouring and highlighting because I was so clueless! You have great cheekbones!

    • Thanks so much! This contour kit is amazing; I also love the cameo contour stick which makes it even easier and quicker to contour/highlight. I’m in no way a pro at makeup unlike other more seasoned beauty bloggers but I can honestly say I feel more confident with
      my application with these products. 🙂

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