“Hold on, let me just fix your hair for a second, “ I said as I tucked some flyaway pieces back into my daughters side braid.  I don’t know who was more nervous, me or her.  Okay, it was me.  In fact, my little brave princess was far from being apprehensive.  She was ready.

This new school year, I anxiously sent my daughter through the doors and into the hallways of a brand new school.  I pictured her standing in the halls before class, confused and petrified.  I shuddered at the thought of her wandering around the tarmac of the school grounds at recess all alone, sad that nobody would talk to her.
 Oh my goodness.  
But then I realized that children learn how to manage their emotions by the example of their parents.  If I was a jittery bag of nerves, she will feel that off me and it would make her feel the same way. I needed to project the positive and brave energy she needed from me.

Sure enough, as I stood heedfully outside the school doors awaiting the dismissal bell to ring so I can wrap my arms around my daughter, out she came with a great big smile plastered across her darling face.  That was reassuring.  Why was I so worried to begin with?  I should have already known that my socially-savvy and sweet little girl would absorb her new environment extremely well (and quickly).  

My daughter reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger.  I was very friendly with other kids and loved sparking conversation with complete strangers.  The difference now is that I’m a mother that just wants the world for my kids and for them to be protected in all ways possible.  I have lost a little bit of that bravery, but she reminds me every day who I truly am.  I am learning to live and love and grab life by the horns once again, because of my children.


I’m raising a true leader.

A perfect example that reminds me a lot of my little girl bears a pretty gown, and also, much like my little princess, gorgeous long dark hair — Meet Elena of Avalor, the adventurous Crown Princess who wields her scepter with bravery and compassion.

Hasbro’s latest addition to their Disney Princess line now includes the first Latin American Princess, Elena of Avalor!

dsc_6910 dsc_6929-copy dsc_6939-copy

Inspired by the Disney Channel TV series, this doll line encourages girls to imagine joining Elena of Avalor on magical adventures in the Kingdom of Avalor. This beautiful fashion doll comes dressed in Elena of Avalor’s series-inspired adventure dress and includes a scepter, hairclip, belt, pair of earrings, and removable shoes.

dsc_6923-copy dsc_6933-copy dsc_6930-copy dsc_6919-copy The doll is beautiful and my daughter is thrilled to have a new princess of colour to her collection.  Having Spanish roots in our family, it’s so nice to see a Latina doll!  With such a vast (and growing!) cultural collection of Disney Princesses all with their own unique style, personalities and strengths, it’s nice to be able to teach our children about the culture behind each one.  What a great way to start a conversation around this topic with your kids, through their toys!

This Hasbro Disney Elena of Avalor Adventure Dress Doll is available at Toys ‘R’ Us for $22.99.  Click here to buy online or find a store near you.

Also available is the Disney Elena of Avalor Royal Gown Doll for $29.99.

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-10-16-34-pmAnd just in time for back to school, General Mills has a wonderful promotion on their Disney Frozen Fruit Flavoured Snack boxes from July – December 2016.  

You’ll find a coupon to save $5 on the purchase of any NEW Hasbro Disney Frozen or Hasbro Disney Princess Doll or Playset valued at $19.99 (before tax) and up.  These snack boxes can be found at most major Canadian grocery retailers.  

My kids love these snacks for school!

I hope the first month of the school year has been a smooth and pleasant one for your child.  What better time to teach them the importance of boldness, compassion and leadership.  Our future world could use more benevolent and heroic leaders, don’t you think?  

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Hasbro Canada.  Compensation and/or product was provided; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.


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