My daughter is performing in front my husband and I attempting to show us her dance routine for her upcoming Christmas Concert.  Naturally, I have my handy smartphone on hand to
1) Snap photos and videos of her to share on Instagram and Facebook for family and friends to see and 2) Check comments on said shared photos and videos on my social networks and reply back with a 🙂 and a “Thank you so much! She’s a natural, indeed!”

My husband and I finally get some alone time after a serious battle of the bedtime.  He’s poured us some wine, we’ve got some snacks and we’re ready to snuggle and watch some Netflix together.
I have a couple of work-related emails I must respond to and my twitter feed is looking particularly engaging right about now. All these funny tweeps just happen to be on.
I remember I need to get some recipe inspiration for the holiday treats I am looking to make for my daughter’s class and also for our family Christmas party so hello Pinterest! Ooh, I’ll just pin that, and that, and that looks great too.
That’s an awesome quote! Whaaaat! Now that’s a deep one – totally sharing that on Instagram.

Okay, you’ve probably guessed it, I am a total Smartphone Scrooge.
If you’re wondering what that means – find out for yourself just how badly you may need Holiday Mode.
Find out if you’re a Smartphone Scrooge or a Texting Tiny Tim by taking the TELUS Holiday Mode Quiz here.

And being infamous for my immense foodie shots, this video was highly relatable.

So it’s that simple, huh?
I simply put that phone down and enter #HolidayMode.

I recently decided to take up the challenge and attempt a #dinnerunplugged with a few special ladies in my life that have fallen victim to my Smartphone Scrooginess over the years — my daughter, my mom, my sister and my niece.
These folks deserve my undivided attention so I had to prove to not just them, but to myself that I would not glance at my phone nor even touch it during the entire dinner.
Trust me, easier said than done. I took those ladies up for the challenge too.


And low and behold, not one of us even remembered our phones were there.  We were too busy catching up on life, laughing, enjoying the delicious (hot and fresh) food and embracing the joy of togetherness that we tend to forget when we have our noses stuck in our smartphones.

And how could I miss the faces of these girls having so much fun and sharing their silly jokes and sweet stories with me, at that very moment?
I realized there were tons of those moments that I have missed.


As soon as I got home that night, I promised my husband too that I would embrace more #holidaymode this season and especially as a resolution for the new year.
Yes, photos and videos may capture moments and hold them forever, but what’s better than living that moment face-to-face? The real face-time.


Are you ready to unplug and get into #HolidayMode?
TELUS has put together these tips and tricks on how to successfully unplug for the holidays.
From setting up road blocks to making it a game with friends – they’ve got you covered!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with those you love and learn to embrace more time together this season and into the New Year.
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Very good post! It is unfortunate that so many of us (myself being guilty) are so glued to our phones now.. It is very important to disconnect sometimes!

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