There’s just something about Disney that tends to spark the imagination and stir up thrills and cheerful joy in the hearts of children – big and small!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream with my daughter and niece in Toronto.
(Important note: They’ll be here until the 27th so don’t hesitate to purchase tickets soon!)

We were so excited that, well in this case, I was so excited, that I had the times wrong considering I had right in front of me in my calendar on my phone. We arrived 2 hours too early so decided to make the most of it by having a bite to eat prior to the show.

Once we were finally in, the girls were squeamish with delight once they got to their amazing centre row seats, staring eagerly at the top of what seemed to be a castle hidden behind a hanging sheet. A few minutes before the show began, show performers pranced onto the rink with some lovely dances and tricks grabbing the attention of the audience.
The lights dimmed and the catchy sounds of playful New Orleans jazz echoed throughout the stadium, a brightly lit and glowing sign with the name Tiana’s slowly lowered from the ceiling. Princess and the Frog!
Oh how happy my daughter was. She loves all things New Orleans as much as I do, especially this Disney film.
Sure enough, Tiana and the popular characters from Princess and the Frog came out, re-enacting popular scenes from the movie.


Then there was a sudden uproar when Mickey Mouse and Friends skated onto centre stage!

Shortly after Mickey and friends said hello, two of my favourites took to the stage, Snow White, and Cinderella (which is also my daughters’ favourite Disney princess) with their own special performances.
Oh the feelings that engulfed me.
I felt like a little girl again when the seven dwarfs sashayed and whistled around the rink singing “Hi ho, hi ho. It’s off to work we go.”


The icing on the cake was during Cinderella’s ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’. *swoon* I sang this to my children at bedtime (and still do to my son) and it just carries so much sentiment and warmth for me whenever I hear it. It was a great moment.

IMG_8168 IMG_8154 IMG_8155

Probably the same feelings my daughter had when Tangled’s Rapunzel performed ‘I See the Light’. All the feels. And yes, I was definitely singing loudly along with the girls. As was the majority of the stadium! It felt like a mini concert. Another great moment during the show!
This was the final princess performance before everyone got back on stage to bid farewell to the audience with a closing number including Mickey and the gang!

If you’ve got Princess movie lovers in your family (you included!), you certainly do not want to miss Disney on Ice’s Dare to Dream.
It’s truly an enchanting experience your family will remember for years to come.

Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream will be taking place at the Rogers Centre from December 18-27. Visit them here to learn more and buy tickets.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Feld Entertainment. CAC received compensation (either monetary or in another form) from the sponsor, however all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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  1. I would love to see this show! I see tickets for this years show come up I may just have to go ! I love the little video , nice to kinda get a peak , i wasn’t sure what to think , but this looks super fun ! I will have to look up this years dates !

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