It’s a Starry night with the launch of the latest into the Mugler line, Étoile Des Rêves, a revisited Eau de Parfum and Perfume Candle.

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Light Your Nights with Étoile Des Rêves 

Inspired by the glamorous boudoir tradition and extending the scope of its olfactory expertise, Mugler has imagined a new highly scented candle diffusing the intimate, sensuous atmosphere of Angel Eau de Parfum.

For the holidays, if you have someone on your list that enjoys luxe pleasures, this new perfumed candle is the perfect present.  Translated to English,  Étoile Des Rêves means Star of Dreams.  In a beautiful, thick glass candle holder shaped in the iconic Mugler star shape, the beautiful nighttime reinterpretation of Angel with a tender, delicious and bewitching fragrance, disperses and dances in the air.  And the scent lingers!

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I lit this candle in my bedroom for a couple hours before bed and the next day, I can still smell it.  The scent is beautiful and not at all overwhelming.  It’s also so pretty that it doubles as a decor piece on my dresser.  


Let Angel Étoile Des Rêves light up your nights with its fragrances and drift you into sweet dreams. 

Available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay for $98.00 (180 gr).

21 Comments on A Starry Night with Mugler’s New Étoile Des Rêves Perfumed Candle

  1. oh my gosh what woman doesnt love a good candle! and this one is beautiful! love what it comes in and the shape of it and the smell sounds divine

  2. This is so very pretty , i would love to smell it , i really love the holder , i think after the candle was gone this would make a great bedside ring dish or something , the star shape really is the added touch here

  3. that looks and sounds like it would be a lovely gift. I just wish that my husband was not so scent sensitive. there is no way I could burn that in my home.

  4. If this smells as good as it looks, I must have it! It will definitely be a splurge but you have to treat yourself sometimes.

  5. I am so all about the smells and the glow and mood that a candle brings to a room. I think the Mugler line, Étoile Des Rêves, a revisited Eau de Parfum and Perfume Candle is lovely.

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