Christmas is certainly an enchanted time for children and adults alike.  It’s especially memorable for bringing you closer to family and friends.

This Christmas we even reunited with family we haven’t seen in so long, both in-person and courtesy of technology (thank you, Skype!).


 The commotion of the past few weeks preparing for the upcoming festivities — from cranky busy mall-shoppers, financial stresses and a never-ending to-do list to dangerous driving conditions with the ice storm — all seem to just fade into oblivion as you see the smiling faces of the children, the warm and genuine hugs from your loved ones and the real, deep-in-your-gut tummy laughter that only those close to you can manage to produce.  It’s always worth it.


 In my family, we traditionally celebrate on the Eve of Christmas which we call “Noche Buena” (Good Night) which includes a late family dinner (with lots and lots of delicious food and dessert!), games, a visit from “Santa” and opening of presents.  For many others in our culture, it also includes midnight mass (traditional Catholic practice for Christmas).  It’s truly a beautiful observance.

On Christmas morning, we continue with just my family (my husband and kids) in our jammies, open more presents and check out our stockings! And of course we have a delicious Christmas brunch. 


 I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas surrounded by those you care about, warm from the cold and with full tummies, stockings and hearts.

A (belated) Merry Christmas from my Family to yours and a wishing you all a great start to the New Year ahead!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your family’s Christmas with us. I’m really looking forward to next Christmas as I’ll have a brand new grandbaby! Yay!

  2. What beautiful pictures! What a perfect looking Christmas. It really is amazing how technology makes our amazing planet seem tiny.

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