September is often one of the most chaotic times of the year for us with back-to-school, all the birthdays, and home and closet re-organization as we transition into Fall.
As we slowly pull into a steady routine after the first few days of mobocracy, evenings after dinner and homework has been done or weekends, we enjoy spending some quality family time together either playing board games or reading or simply curled up under a large warm comforter together streaming some great flicks or shows on Netflix.

Netflix truly has become like part of the family. My daughter and I have a special bonding time (outside of our usual crafting and reading, not to mention mother and daughter date nights) which usually falls mid-week after she comes home from school and winds down with me and her brother with a snack and just before I prep for dinner. We watch an episode of Full House together, which happened to be one of my favourites growing up and she so happened to really enjoy, and chat and laugh about the day. I find it’s always a great time for her to share a lot of things with me about her days at school and also just the little things, like what she enjoys doing these days, her favourite songs, etc. It’s very special to me.

On Friday nights, it’s family movie nights!
This past weekend, we decided to invite some family over to enjoy a family movie of choice.

What’s Streaming: Princess and The Frog

What’s on the menu: Fully-Stocked Popcorn Bar (courtesy of Netflix Canada) complete with popcorn, popcorn flavourings, chocolates and candies

It was actually the first time all the kids and even adults watched Princess and The Frog so there were a lot of differing opinions from all.  

“Princess Tiana is pretty and nice and she likes to cook like me! I like that she works so hard to open a restaurant. It’s a funny movie.” ~ Ava, 6 1/2

“Hard work and perseverance and a humble heart.  It’s refreshing to see a Disney Princess that cares more about  accomplishing her goals (outside of landing the Prince and a happily ever after).  Thumbs up!” ~ Carol, 30-something

“Yummy food and cool music.  A princess movie based in New Orleans is super cool! Goal: Visit New Orleans, eat good gumbo… and perhaps find my prince.” ~ Un-named princess in the making, 20-something

“Sometimes it can be a little scary but I liked it! The music was fun and the princess is tough.” ~ Aiden, 6 1/2 years old

Rating: 4 1/2 pots of gumbo (points deducted for some scariness)

7 Comments on Neftlix Family Movie Night Presents: The Princess & The Frog and a Popcorn Bar

  1. I love Netflix and a popcorn par would totally make a night in feel special! I haven’t watched Princess and The Frog but it looks super cute!

  2. I didn’t know the princess and the frog were on Netflix. My kids know the story from books, but don’t do scary. Maybe I’ll watch it and see.

  3. Do you still have regular cable as well? Thinking if it’s better to cut regular cable because of the cost and just get Netflix….

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