If you’ve ever suffered the misfortune of your home being broken into, you’ll understand the vexation and chagrin, not to mention the uneasiness you have afterwards.
Who would do this to me and my family?  Will they do it again?  Was this a targeted crime?

You’ll have so many questions and feel many different ways. I remember that feeling when I was only a teenager the time my parents home was broken into. It was a scary moment.
I was coming home from school and would usually meet my younger siblings at home. I noticed my younger brother was sitting on the porch, head down in dismay, and then I noticed our front door was broken, glass shattered all over the floor. Oh MY God.
I yelled for him to immediately come to me and then we headed to our neighbour and called our parents who then called the police. I remember one of the officers that arrived at the scene saying to me that I was a smart young lady to not enter the home at the time in case the robbers were still in there. But, I couldn’t quite get the look of my little brothers face and image of him sitting there next to our broken house door and window out of my head. What if something happened to him? It was all quite mortifying.

Enter 2017. We love our new community and home. We researched profusely before settling with our new city and house — we checked the demographics, the safety, the employment rates, the access to schools, doctors, etc. the whole nine yards!
What we failed to realize was that nobody’s home is impervious to harm.  You can live in a house, an apartment, in the best neighbourhood, or even in a more remote location — nobody is really in-the-clear of home security issues.  Whether it’s a burglary, a house fire or even as meager as your car being egged. Which was what happened to us.
Both our vehicles, twice, a day after one another. WHILE we were home.

Okay so it’s not meager to me. What can start as an egg on your car can turn into something worse, you just never know. The fact of the matter is, someone did something deliberately malicious (whether for their own twisted amusement or more alarming, out of some sort of resentment). With my momma bear tendency kicking into full gear, I want to protect my children as best as I can. And of course, my home

Protect and Connect with Nest 

We decided to finally install our Nest outdoor cam which we received from TELUS and thank goodness we did. Not only did we catch the perpetrators, but I strongly believe the camera outside also serves as a deterrent as the egging stopped. We also are able to keep track of what is happening outside our home when we are not there, and all from our phones!  Talk about staying connected!

Did you know Telus offered more then just mobile devices?  I had not idea until I visited their newly redesigned stores.  Get a sneak peek here if you haven’t visited one yet.  This is where I was initially introduced to the Nest line-up of products.  

More important mentions to add about the Nest Outdoor Cam that we love:

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy installation
  • Weather-proof
  • Plugs into power – no need for batteries!
  • Amazing night vision
  • Great sound and video quality
  • Good range
  • Ability to listen and speak through the camera (I personally love this for parcel deliveries too!) 

And if you subscribe to Nest Aware, you can get continuous cloud video recordings and more.  It’s about $30 a month for 30 day recordings or $10 for 10 day recordings. They offer a free trial if you want to try it out!

Even daddy gets to see us off every morning from his office!

Easy to install with the magnet backing (or you an anchor it with the included screws and wall anchors), you can place anywhere outdoors and all you need is a plug and wifi signal to access through your phone Nest App.
Tip: Purchase a Wifi Range Extendor for better wifi signal and strength for your outdoor cam.

You can purchase the Nest Outdoor Cam as well as the Indoor Cam for $249.00 at Telus.com or in-store.

We are really just such huge fans of Nest products that we also have the Nest Learning Thermostat (which is amazing!) and the Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm.

The Nest Learning Thermostat has honestly not only proved helpful in saving energy but it has also helped us save money!  The Nest Learning Thermostat learns from you and creates a schedule to help save energy.  Once again, offering a sleek and stylish design, the Nest Learning Thermostat is also easy to install.  I love that it connects my thermostat to Wi‑Fi to control the temperature straight from my phone, tablet or laptop.  It’s actually hilarious the thermostat battle my husband and I engage in from home and his work.  I get cold easily so I’m always adjusting it up, later to notice he has set it down a couple notches so the Nest leaf shows up (you’ll see the Leaf when you choose a temperature that saves energy).  *sigh*

Another great thing they do is providing you with your Energy History (both accessible on the app and also you can opt to receive emails). Check your Energy History in the Nest app to see how much energy you use and why.

The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen retails for $329.99 and can be purchased at Telus.com or in-store.

Admittedly there have been a couple of times that I forgot I was baking something or neglected to turn the stove top off all the way in a rush (motherhood at it’s finest!), those were some scary times!

Thankfully, Nest has you covered with their Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm.

The new Nest Protect has been redesigned from the inside out. It has an industrial-grade smoke sensor, tests itself automatically, and lasts up to a decade. It’s also the first home alarm you can hush from your phone without any extra hardware required. And just like the original Nest Protect, it tells you what’s wrong and can even alert your phone. 

I like that it doubles as a nice night light too.  Just like the Nest Learning Thermostat, both light up and switch on when you pass by/under it.

The Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm retails for $129.99 at Telus.com or in-store.

So very smart!  Smart technology that saves energy, saves money and can potentially save your life too. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the connected devices?  Don’t be!  I totally felt the same prior to setting everything up but thankfully it was a breeze.  And if there are still answers that you need prior to purchasing or when you already own it, don’t forget that Telus offers free help with the TELUS Learning Centre where you can get more out of your device and services.  Learn more and book your free appointment with the TELUS Learning Centre here.

Have you ever experienced a scary situation in your home that would have been helpful with one of the Nest products mentioned?  Which Nest product would you love to have in your home?

Disclore: This is a sponsored post as part of Team Telus. Compensation and/or products have been received for full review; however as always, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

11 Comments on Feel Safe In Your Nest #TeamTelus

  1. this is such a great idea, my son had his bike stolen and a few other things and this would have come in handy. Its a big deterrent when people are on camera and held accountable.

  2. Oh my gosh !!! I would love to have one of these. It would be great for when you are not home and a package is delivered.

  3. A few years ago we spent the weekend away from home & one if my boys posted about how much fun they were having….lesson learned the hard way..It was pretty much an invitation to break into our empty house!

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear. I use to think heading out for a family getaway and leaving a light or two on while we were gone and also advising our neighbours to keep on the lookout was good enough. I was wrong!
      Often burglars keep an eye out and know when you’re actually not home for an extended period of time and they also know when neighbours are gone too. It’s pretty scary but this is why these things are so important!

  4. I have heard of this, but never really looked into it. Your pics and explanations are, as always, wonderful! Thanks. We have been thinking of getting it, but, never really got on it, this helps!

  5. All of the Nest products sound amazing! The Nest Learning Thermostat would be very useful in my home. Saving energy is important.

  6. Although I would love ALL of the Nest products, right now we need a smart thermostat and I am digging the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen!

    We have had scary moments in the past when we first moved in and my teenage daughter was alone in the house, a workman decided to just walkin our backyard and look around! It scared my daughter enough to call us home from work. Thankfully nothing happened but still he was trespassing!

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