‘Tis the season for the plethora of holiday festivities and gatherings and if you’re hosting this year, don’t forget to add a little Gold.

One of my favourite chocolates also happens to make for a beautiful and eye-catching display during the holiday season.  With just a few small touches, you can create a simple yet effective, not to mention stunning, presentation for your guests to ooh and aah and savour.

Every year I keep a tray of Ferrero Rocher chocolates at my front entrance so as soon as my guests come in and out they are welcomed with some golden deliciousness.

DSC_1894DSC_1897Don’t forget to make someone smile with a gift of gold.


And last but certainly not least… don’t forget to give yourself a #ferreromoment.
After the hustle and bustle this season can bring, it’s always nice to unwind and take a little time out for yourself.


How will you enjoy and make a special #ferreromoment this season?

Learn more about Ferrero Rocher chocolates and also make sure to connect with them on social!  Keep in-the-know and also get chances to win tons of great prizes.
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May your Holidays be Golden!

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  1. I love these so much I really don’t like to share..lol, but I will if I really have too, they are one of my all time fave’s

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