With emphasis on clean design, luxury materials, and subtle detailing – for men and women with a discerning eye. This is Roztayger.

You’re in yet another ridiculously long line-up at Starbucks awaiting your soy green tea latté, so you whip out your smart phone and check emails (or twitter timeline). 
“I think I may start changing my time schedule for my coffee breaks.”
You turn around to the voice behind you. You see a sharp looking salt & peppered haired man in a charcoal grey suit also smiling towards you.
You smile back. 
“Good idea.” you reply.
After exchanging words in the Starbucks line-up that seemed to take centuries, you find out that this cool stranger in a grey suit happens to be an awesome potential client.
So you’ve got your pitch ready, your hair looks awesome, oh and your business cards are ready for these kinds of golden opportunities, but now you’ve got coffee cup in hand and smartphone in the other and you’re really short on time for your next business meeting! 
These, my friends, are the times that one of these fab Abitax Business Cards from Roztayger come perfectly handy.
With the swipe of your thumb, your cards are ready to be handed out!
No two hand process. Just swipe and voila.
Smooth feeling in your fingers and they come in super cool colours too.
I happen to really love the teal – perfect for both women and men, stylish with just the right amount of pop!
We know the Japanese are so innovative with their minimalist and cool style; the Abitax card holder exhibits this created by Kazuma Yamaguchi.
I love that it’s so light weight and easy to hold in your fingers. Such a convenient card holder!
This card holder can be purchased online at Roztayger. Retails for $28.00 USD.
Roztayger is a unique shopping destination for finely crafted handbags and accessories for work, travel and life. Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, Roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods.
What’s behind the name?
 “The name Roztayger is a blend of my grandmother’s first name, Rosalind, and her maiden name, Tiger, which was pronounced “tay-ger.” in Russia. Roztayger is a tribute to her artistic spirit, style, sophistication and indisputable grace.” – Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, Founder.
To learn more about this product and more amazing products for work and life, visit Roztayger at: http://www.roztayger.com.
To win a Teal Abitax Card Holder of your own from Roztayger, simply enter via rafflecopter below.
Open to US and Canada. 
Ends January 31.

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  1. Awesome design! I can identify well with that particular scenario being a real estate agent. Sometimes we’ve got our hands full and being able to just swipe and open is very convenient!

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