Heidi & Seal were the sweetest couple, renewing their vows often.

We’ve all read the recent (and quite shocking for many) news about the split between esteemed couple, Heidi Klum and Seal.  Another celebrity couple bites the dust, right? Wrong. It’s not just celebrity marriages that are crumbling, it’s a lot of marriages in today’s society.
It’s become pretty much the norm to get a divorce these days.  Not only is it getting easier but couples just shrug it off as if it’s just a failed relationship and they could always just move on and find their happy ending elsewhere. Do you remember another recent marriage ending after only 72 days? I’ve got cheese in my fridge that hasn’t expired yet after 72 days. :/
I married young.  I was only the ripe and thriving age of 23.  My husband and I were together since we were 19 years old.  What do two young kids crazy in “love” know about real love, right?  I don’t think anyone of any age has the right to judge that anymore.  The ugly D-word will strike whomever it wants, whatever your age.

Call me old-fashioned but I still believe in the sanctity of marriage.  I always believe that no matter the issues you are facing in your marriage, you can make it work… if you truly did love one another.
I think those that just call it quits so quickly are weak. Yes, I said it. Weak.
I understand there are different circumstances for marriages really not working out for just reasons like marrying way too young just for the heck of it and growing up to realize you truly did marry the wrong person, your spouse has abused you mentally, emotionally or physically, you were in an arranged marriage and things of that nature.
I get that. And that’s okay.  But, for those real marriages — the ones where you both agreed that you loved one another tremendously and wanted to make it official… why not fight? Fight for your marriage? Fight (if you do have any) for your children, your family.

Listen, I’m no saint. My husband and I fight like cats and dogs sometimes.  It’s healthy to disagree on things.  In fact, I think it’s kinda sexy. 😉
But at the end of the day, no matter how angry that person makes you… remember all those good memories and why you married this person to begin with.  It’s because you love them. You can’t picture your life without them and that you choose to fight!

Ryan, Reese and Baby Ava.

I think celebrity marriages have made it look as if divorce and re-marrying is completely normal.  It’s not.
It means you gave up.  You quit.

Whatever happened to for better or for worse?
Does that even exist anymore?

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  1. I know that “for better or worse” does exist because my husband and I are truly examples of it! We’ve been married for 21 yrs this August and there have been some mighty difficult times, but we have fought through them and persevered. I think when you have lots of money, its easier, in a way to divorce.

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  2. I know that sometimes reaching a decision to divorce is a tough one on many and true there are really good reasons why some do decide to go that route, but yes, they did give up. And it’s so hard to see those that once were madly in love fall to pieces and just throw it all away. I like how you say they should fight! Great post!

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