Those that know Carol Au Courant, know how much I L-O-V-E those little morsels of Parisian delight.
My passion for macarons began many years ago when one of my girlfriends brought me some back from her trip to Paris. It was love at first bite.  
During my stay in Paris, I made sure to visit every patisserie I could and of course especially the monarch of macarons, Maison du Ladurée.

Since then, I have probably scavenged every patisserie/bakery in the GTA that served macarons selfishly comparing to the amazing stuff in Paris & treating myself to so many different (and also some unusual) flavour combinations.

My favourite odd combination was white chocolate truffle wasabi that I tried from a bakery in Montreal — my tastebuds were shouting for joy!
That’s the great thing about macarons. You can play around with different flavours and sure enough they will turn out tasting wonderful. There’s no rules with parisian macarons. I guess the only rule is making sure they are done right. Right = Nice crunchy texture on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and bursting with flavour.
My all-time favourite is pistachio. Then again, I love pistachio anything. A close second is salted caramel and green tea.
Today is Jour du Macaron (Macaron Day) in Toronto.
Coinciding with Macaron Day taking place in Paris, NYC and other international cities, Macaron Day in Toronto celebrates these delicate confections in support of a local charity.
To learn more about Macaron Day Toronto, visit them at:
Go and pick some up today while quantities last (and trust me they won’t last for long!) 
Now excuse me as I indulge in some macarons!

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