Whoever had the crazy idea to move when you’re in your third trimester is one strange and cuckoo person.

Oh wait.
Okay, in our defense, the market was really good, we wanted to get a new place closer to Ava’s new school and wanted to be settled into our new home prior to baby boy’s arrival.  
And honestly, the thought of a post-baby move is much more intimidating.
But boy is it ever hard, especially when you’re pregnant.
I have to give some serious kudos to my amazing hubby for being such a trooper and handling most of the logistics including the packing and transaction arrangements.  It’s so physically and mentally draining and I’ve seen the stress he was going through (on top of the demands of his work), but I’m so proud of how he handled and dealt with it all. 
I did, of course, offer as much help as I could.  Although I did not do any heavy lifting (it’s recommended not to lift more than 25lbs when pregnant), I helped organize everything to be ready for packing, wrapping of fragile items, cleaning and of course my day-to-day mommy duties.
Another big hug and shout-out to my mom who was of major help during this process.  She was there to help with cleaning up our older home and transporting of food/perishables and other household items to our new home on moving day.  Also, helped clean new home and organize the kitchen.  In between all that, she also helped with caring for Ava.  God-send I tell you.  The best mom! 🙂 
Even though I was advised from my family not to lift a finger and do too much during this move, it’s easier said than done, especially when talking to a Type A-Virgo-borderline OCD person such as myself.
I can’t sit around and do nothing.  
So. if you’re like me and you/or you just simply have no choice but to be actively engaged during a big move, here are some great tips that I gathered all over the net (and a few of my own that are starred).

  1. If possible, move during your second trimester. You may be sick and puking during the first trimester, and you’ll be big and uncomfortable in the third (okay, so this didn’t apply to me…)
  2. Pack over time. Don’t wait to start packing. Pack a few boxes every night for several weeks instead of trying to get it all done in a weekend.
  3. Get someone else to do the heavy lifting. While the exact recommendation varies, doctors generally say that pregnant women shouldn’t lift more than 25 – 35 pounds. That’s because pregnancy hormones cause your ligaments to soften and you can easily throw out your back. If you do lift, be sure to lift from your knees, lift slowly, and avoid twisting movements.
  4. Paint prior to moving. If you are painting your new home, get someone else to paint prior to moving in so the fumes have time to dissipate.  Be sure to use low- or zero-VOC paint products.  *If you move-in same day as closing, this may not be possible, so get someone else to do the painting for you (students cost less and usually do just as good a job with tons of energy!)
  5. Clean carefully. If you’re cleaning anything in your old or new home with heavy chemicals (like oven cleaners), be sure to wear a mask and clean in a well-ventilated room or outside. Or, better yet, have someone else do it.
  6. Stay hydrated and fueled. Most importantly, remember how important it is to eat and drink as you normally would during your move. Water, water, water! (This was something I had to continuously do during this particular move considering it was extremely humid outdoors!)
  7. *Rest! And rest often! Lie/sit down and just kick your feet up.  You need many breaks during a move, especially when you’re pregnant. Don’t overdo yourself.
  8. *Unpack only what you really need the first week.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to get everything done the first day or two.  Just focus on what’s important and take it a day at a time.
  9. *Accept or Enlist the help of Family or Friends. You are not superwomen! Well, most times we are, but in this case for your safety and health, allow close family or friends to help out as much as possible. Even for little things like watching your little one/s so you can do some packing/un-packing, cleaning, dropping off some take-out or making dinner the first day, etc. The little things are the big things!
  10. *Listen to music. Okay so this isn’t just for pregnant movers, but trust me when I say this helps. Some upbeat and fun music during a move gets the body going and very uplifting. The time will pass without you even noticing and you’ll be in good spirits! 
So, we’re happily settling in now (our move was last Thursday) and surprisingly got a lot done.
Nice to see parts of our new house starting to resemble, well, home.
Our living room is becoming more “live-able”! 
We’ve still got lots to do, but again, taking it a day at a time. 
Just very relieved and glad to have the major part over with and being able to really call this our new home.

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