We did it.  We made it to the end of the week.  For some it may have been a long and tiresome week filled with headaches, stress and deadlines.  For others, it was quick and painless and filled with anticipation and optimism.  Whatever week or day or month you had, remember that everything is never out of our control no matter how difficult it seems.  We have full mastery over our lives and the way we respond to situations makes the world of a difference.  Count your blessings not your problems.  Play your favourite song/s loud and sing along.  Maybe dance a little too. It’s good for the soul and the hips.  Pour a glass of sweet wine and look at old pictures that make you smile.  Let go of things and the people in your life that make your heart sad or cause you unnecessary stress.  It may be hard it first, but it’s needed to grow.  Once your heart is back where it’s suppose to be, go ahead and conquer that world of yours. 

Calm Breath Open Heart

12 Comments on Friday, I’m In Love

  1. Love this post. When Friday hits, I’m so happy. It’s hard having 2 boys to tend too all week with no help.

  2. Friday is a day of blessings and worship for muslims, and always enjoy going to the friday congregation! I absolutely love fridays!!!!!

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