Flashing lights, dazzling chandeliers, piercing & pulsating music, flowing fabrics, graceful models and the buzzing excitement from Toronto’s Fashion elite — this week the beautiful David Pecaut Square in the heart of downtown Toronto transforms under massive white tents to bring the city the World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Image courtesy of Style Democracy

I was absolutely delighted to have been chosen by Samsung Canada to attend the Mercedes Benz Start-Up National Finals and Melissa Nepton’s Show.

Mercedes-Benz Start Up is a ongoing initiative that is intended to provide a national platform to discover and support emerging Canadian fashion designers. By connecting these gifted individuals with an experienced panel of industry insiders, the program mentors Canadian talent to help them hone a broad range of skills and elevate their profile through unparalleled opportunities. Unprecedented access to fashion business experts, combined with real-world practical experience, Mercedes-Benz Start Up offers finalists the knowledge required to develop a thriving career and the tools necessary to create a successful business beyond the initial launch of a collection. Through its association with World MasterCard ® Fashion Week in Toronto, these young designers will gain the invaluable opportunity to showcase their collection on an international platform. The Mercedes-Benz Start Up Program has been developed by Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. and IMG Fashion Division of IMG Worldwide, Inc., the organization responsible for managing and producing fashion week programs globally, produced in association with the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC).

Along with access to these shows, I was also provided an awesome new (and PINK!) Samsung MV900F Smart Camera to snap pics during the event to share.
It’s an amazing camera/video camera that allows me to connect to wifi and send my pictures directly online — how cool is that?
Even cooler? The fact that I was able to shop for some new gorgeous pieces to wear for the shows and get a night out on the town with my wonderful husband. A new (very tired) mother’s dream!
I totally deserved this, but I was also very much a runway-newbie! This was my very first fashion show and I am completely hooked! Loved seeing the amazing Canadian fashion talent and meeting new people and brands in the industry. You will definitely see me at many more fashion shows in the near future!

Getting to the show itself was a challenge though — traffic was bumper-to-bumper and the weather was horrid (grey and rainy) which caused me to miss my early show backstage access. Relieved I was able to at least make it on time for the show (almost missed the beginning)!

The amazing designers featured in the Mercedes Benz Start-up Final included: Caitlin Power, Christopher Bates, DUY, Dreamboat Lucy, Lauren Bagliore, Malore Urbanovitch, Nicole Campre and Pure Magnolia.








So many fabulous Spring ’13 sneak peeks and trends such as reds, pastel and creamy hues, leopard and safari prints, soft flowing fabrics, asian-inspired looks, tailored leathers and styles from resort pieces to suits.

DUY was announced the winner at the end of the show, basking in much deserved glory, clapping and cheer from the crowd as he took a walk up and down the runway with two of his models, his arm filled with a bouquet of flowers.

SAM_0047 I Already had a strong feeling DUY would take this as he stole the show when his first model came out on the runway in a bold red ensemble, the pieces following were very versatile (most versatility from all the other designers), colourful and elegant.

Following after a brief intermission was Mélissa Nepton’s Spring 2013 collection.
I was able to get better seats this time around, unfortunately I was still recovering from being sick and feeling very under the weather, so I wasn’t able to stick around for the entire show. I did; however, see enough to know that I am smitten by Mélissa Nepton’s creations — definitely a new favourite designer!
Sleek and comfortable yet sophisticated pieces, lots of stripes (which I love!), palazzo pants, full-skirt dresses as well as her signature tunics. You can find out more about her and her work at: http://www.melissanepton.com.

During intermission, we had the opportunity to walk around and connect with the amazing sponsors and brands present at the event including StoneLeigh Vineyards (and sampling of their delicious wine!), Caesarstone (yummy macarons were being handed out!), Samsung Canada (my hubby was enjoying testing out the new Galaxy Note 11 as he’s a big Samsung Lover), Essie, Maybelline Canada and more!

Here is a collection of photographs taken with my new Samsung MV900F and my smartphone.  Enjoy!

Overall, both my husband and I had a wonderful time at the show/s and although it would have been nice to stay a little longer and party it down at the after-party’s, this mom (and dad) had to hurry back home to the two little people that have stolen the spotlight in our hearts.
From the runway… to the crib.

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  1. Many great Montreal designers! I’m a proud Quebecois! You have to come to Montreal fashion show as well and check out our boutiques and shops here. You will love it.

  2. Looked like an amazing time at the fashion shows. Which was your favourite out of the eight designers?
    Really enjoyed the video with pictures and the song is awesome too!

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