You know the scenario: You tuck your cute little toddler into his/her high chair, put on their bib, stir and blow at the ready-made food you carefully prepared for them, and hope that this time, the food would stay on their plate and into their mouths and not everywhere else — on your child, on the walls or floor, or on you!  If you have (or had) a toddler, you can remember how “fun” sloppy mealtimes were.  Feeding a persnickety toddler is definitely no picnic — these munchkins pack a lot of punch in those chubby hands.

The only way to really engage your toddler in mealtimes (aside from miraculously having them love every single meal you prepare for them) is to make mealtimes fun! Whether it be cute-shaped, cut-up food items or fun designs on their plates and utensils, these really can work wonders. I know, because it helps me!

I love the pleasant designs on Playtex’s Mealtime Collection. You can view the collection here. We have the Toddler Mealtime Set and both my toddler son and 5 year old daughter love using them! I have the lovely, more daintier girl design with pink, flowers and butterflies (we love butterflies in this home) but they also have a design for boys (or girls!) that love dinosaurs to suit you or your child’s preference.


All plates, bowls, and utensils are BPA-Free, 100% Break-Proof and Shatter-Proof and have both the toddler and parent in mind with it’s ergonomic, smart and fun design.

The Toddler Mealtime Set comes with a Plate, Bowl, Utensils (Fork and Spoon) and the #1 selling Spill-Proof Cup — a 9 oz.Twist ‘n click Insulated Cup. Currently retails for $15.99 at Toys ‘R’ Us.

I have used practically every brand of baby and toddler feeding tools but I have to honestly say, I love the Playtex Mealtime Collection! 

One of my favourite features on the Plates and Bowls is the Non-slip bottom to help prevent spills — why doesn’t all baby and toddler plates/bowls have this? Brilliant!


I also love the steep rounded sides designed for easier scooping.  My daughter usually gets her spaghetti all over the table or on her when eating because the sides are too low; these are truly and perfectly constructed with toddlers/kids in mind.

photo 2

They are also sized to help moms (or dads) properly proportion food for toddler’s tummy.

The Utensils with ergonomically designed handles are easy for toddlers little hands to grip. The shallow spoon makes it easier for toddlers to scoop and remove food and rounded tines on fork are safe yet effective for spearing foods (I love the tines on the fork as other plastic brands I’ve used in the past make it difficult to grab the food). These are perfect for your little ones that are learning to be independent and starting to feed themselves.

They are dishwasher safe as well and any product that provides a guarantee is there to please and that’s what we moms like to see! No messing around here (pun intended).

How are your toddler mealtimes? What do you find the most successful way to get your toddler to eat their food? I’d love to hear your tips! 

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Disclosure : I received full product samples and compensation to facilitate this review as part of the Mom Trust Program; however as always, all views and opinions expressed are my very own.

16 comments on “Fun and Mess-free Mealtimes with #Playtex”

  1. I always presented what ever we were eating to my toddler, and if they ate, they ate, if they didn’t I didn’t worry about it. I always believed they would do well regardless.

  2. I’ve always loved playtex, they may be more money but they’re worth every cent and that is all I used for my girls when they were babies and toddlers

  3. These look great, love that they have a non-slip surface on the bottom. The patterns are great too! Will take a look at this next time I am shopping, they would make great gifts for my niece and nephew!

  4. These are awesome plates! I have 2 sets of 4 plates at home for my boys. I love that they have non slip bottoms. Such an awesome idea!!!

  5. We are big fans of the mealtime set from #playtex! I have been using our set since my son was 6 months old and they are still in great condition

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