I remember as a child, how much I enjoyed playing board games with my family and friends.
Candyland, Monopoly, Twister, Snakes & Ladders… but the most favourite of them all, even as I grew older (and even to this day), was THE GAME OF LIFE.
“My Life” was in the hands of that spinning wheel and that board was filled with all these exciting accomplishments, events and even disappointments. It was just so much like real life — it was relatable, it was real.
And I think that’s why I loved it so much.

As I excitedly twirl the spinning wheel at my every turn…
I wanted to have the full little car loaded with a spouse and two children, a girl and a boy.
I wanted to graduate college in business and own my very own company and also be a painter on the side selling my art work for charity.
I wanted to own that gorgeous beachfront home (in the Hampton’s).

In reality, our lives are so very similar to this board game. Just like the spinning wheel, we never know what to expect. We just hope for the best and strive to survive.
Do we really want to just strive to survive though?
Are we just hoping that we will land on that awesome promotion on the game board or inherit that implausible mansion on the beach?
That’s the problem nowadays.
We are living life, day-by-day, just hoping and wishing while making ends meet.
And I understand that it’s not as easy to carpe that diem and conquer our every dream.
Life goals take time and hard work.
Life also tends to throw a lot of curve balls just when you think everything is going well and how awesome you are at perfecting your own “fool-proof” plans.
“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon knew what he was talking about.

I’m that person that always thinks something bad is going to happen when all this good is upon you and vice versa… what do they call it again? Murphy’s Law?
I’m also that person that’s sipping my coffee every morning and religiously grazing through the daily horoscopes.
I also tend to avoid making any long-term business deals if working closely with someone that’s incompatible with me (I’m a Virgo, by the way). Weird, isn’t it? Trust me, I totally know and am working on that.

My husband likes to call me a dreamer. An industrious and spirited idealist.
I call myself an optimist. I prefer to look at all the good that’s around me and focus on that.
When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy or upset, I take some time out to reflect.
Even if that means time alone, away from the kids and the husband, just me, myself and I.


There are many things that we cannot control, but there’s also SO much more that we should be grateful for.  It’s not always easy, but try your best and often to be content and be happy in the now.  You’ll never get these moments back.

I want the best for me and most importantly, I want the absolute very best for my family.
Work hard, play hard but make sure you realize that everyone else around you is doing the same thing and for similar reasons — because they love them, and they love someone and they just want to succeed and be happy.
I encourage you, when you have the opportunity to, to help others prosper.
Because I’ve seen it firsthand, and I believe, that it only just pushes you much closer to your very own victories.

Speaking of the Game of Life, here’s a great start to achieving some inner peace and happiness… THE GAME OF LIFE – CAA Edition is back for its 4th year!
With this exciting game, you have the chance to win over 2,600 instant prizes and an incredible dream vacation!
Now I can totally see myself conjuring up my goals while sipping on a pina colada somewhere far, secluded and exotic.


With new mini games, instant prizes and grand prize vacation destinations, this year is shaping up to be CAA’s biggest and best yet.
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If you live in South Central Ontario, you can earn an entry by playing THE GAME OF LIFE-CAA Edition online. Play daily for your chance to win great prizes and to earn entries into our grand prize draw for an incredible dream vacation!


Over $35,000 in instant prizes are available to be won including gift cards from Petro-Canada™, Walmart, Payless Shoe Source, The Body Shop, Sephora, Kernels Popcorn, East Side Mario’s and much, much more!

Plus 3 Grand Prize Options to choose from!
When players register for the game they will have the ability to select from the 3 following destination options:

• Florida Family Fun
o 8-day trip for 4 people to Orlando theme parks

• Northern European Cruise
o 7-night Norwegian escape for 2 people with Holland America Line

• Signature Argentina 2-person, 13-day tour of the best of Argentina (Buenos Aires, El Calafate & Mendoza)

So how does it work?

  • Players can come back daily to play the game for an entry towards the grand prize. The more they play, the better chance they have to win!
  • Players earn bonus entries by sharing their game activity on social media and by inviting friends to play!
  • Players can also earn bonus entries through winning mini games, and by redeeming GAME OF LIFE Dollars (G.O.L.D).

Join in THE GAME OF LIFE-CAA Edition! Enter to play at: http://www.caagol.com.

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This post was generously sponsored by CAA South Central Ontario. Contest open to CAA Members and non-members. Complete rules and regulations are available at http://www.caagol.com.
HASBRO and its logo and THE GAME OF LIFE are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission.
©2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I’ve been entering this but I never thought put much thought into what the game of life could mean. Thanks for a thought provoking read.

  2. I think we have many similar interests! I grew up with my sisters and we all loved board games. I have played so many centuries worth of Pay Day and had success and failures at the Games of Life!

    Time now spent with my own girls, playing the same games, is like going back in time!

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