This has to be the worst year for me thus far when it comes to Christmas Shopping.
It’s a week till Christmas and I just finished the bulk of gifts yesterday (with the exception of one more…).
Was it chaos shopping in stores? Yes. But thankfully, I only had to step foot in the shops for a bit as I did the rest of my shopping online.
Shopping online 7 days till Christmas? Isn’t that risky given the time to ship?
On most occasions, it would be very risky. But thankfully one of my favourite places to shop for Kids toys, Mastermind Toys, recently incorporated the New “Delivered Tonight™” service with Canada Post.

Delivered Tonight™ is a new pilot initiative from Canada Post which offers same-day delivery for online shoppers in select GTA locations.  

It was launched on September 17 by Canada Post and a group of leading online retailers including Best Buy, Future Shop, Indigo and Walmart to better understand the growing needs of online shoppers and the logistics required to fulfill and deliver items on the same day. 

The “Delivered Tonight™” service is available Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) for orders up to a predetermined size being shipped to participating areas in the GTA.
This is the one thing I hope to see change for future for this service; I would love to be able to order anything I need (no matter the size) and still have the option for a same-night delivery.
What’s great is the price – it’s only $13.99! I think that’s pretty amazing for same-night delivery.

It’s easy; you just place your order online, and once you reach the ‘Select your Shipping Method’ portion of the ordering process where you confirm your details, you simply click on the Delivered Tonight option and voila! You should expect your order that very same evening between 5:30-9 pm EST.

deliveredtonight Approximately 7:45 pm… Ding! Dong!

And here they were. Wrapped and ready for me! Another great Mastermind Toys Feature – FREE gift wrap and tags!)



If you’re a still finishing up some shopping and much prefer the convenience of online shopping – you will LOVE Mastermind Toy’s New “Delivered Tonight™” service with Canada Post! This is even great after the holidays is over and you’re needing that toy fast… couldn’t get any faster than this. 

To learn more about the New “Delivered Tonight™” service with Canada Post, click here.

13 Comments on Get it ‘Delivered Tonight’ with Mastermind Toys & Canada Post

  1. Mastermind Toys is a favourite store of ours! I just LOVE that they gift wrap for you for free. WHERE can you find this now a days???? No where but at Mastermind Toys!

  2. Definitely nice services that are being offered (delivered tonight and the free wrapping). I hope the delivered tonight concept eventually gets expanded into other cities, it would be such a life saver for other events (birthdays, etc)

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